Who Really Benefitted from the Jan 6 Protests? One Reader Shares Her Observations

A reader provides some observations on the real beneficiaries of the Jan 6 Capitol protests.

I’ve been looking at a CSpan video (“Joint Session of Congress for Counting of Electoral College Ballots”)  from Jan 6 of what was actually going on in Congress when the incursion took place. This 11 hour and 55-minute video is history. It agrees with my memory of what was happening at the time: that the Trump supporters in Congress had fulfilled a requirement that at least one congressman and one senator be willing to debate the validity of the election results in the six states in contention. And this is what they started doing that morning, the first day of the new session of Congress.

You may recall that they’d been provided up to two hours for each of the 6 contended states, which means that this debate could have gone on for days.

Because the lying media had blocked all discussion of how Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution had been violated in these states (which was later admitted to in Molly Ball’s Time Magazine article), and those facts had been censored on social media, this debate would have put the issue before the American people.

At 1 hr & 19 minutes into the video, Paul Gosar of Arizona was presenting the case for the election steal there. (They were taking the states in alphabetical order, and Arizona, starting with an “A”, was first.) That’s when everything was stopped.

But, when they returned several hours later, it appears that most of Congress used the disruption (either consciously or unconsciously) as a handy excuse to bypass the debates and get to the “business at hand”, which was to count the electoral votes and declare Biden the winner. In fact, shortly after they returned, at 7 hrs and 16 minutes into this video, Mitch McConnell stated, “We’ll complete the process the right way – by the book.” (!) That tells me a lot.

In their remarks during the interlude, while order in the Capitol was being restored, CSpan reported that Josh Hawley had expressed his desire to go forward with the debate about the legality of the election in Pennsylvania but was being put under intense pressure by other senators to let it go under the circumstances.

At 9:22:10  Matt Gaetz says, “We came here today to debate.” He also mentioned in that 5-minute speech that through facial recognition it had been determined that some of the “protesters”, who were dressed in MAGA outfits, were actually Antifa people. (So they knew that as early as Jan. 6th!)

Shortly thereafter they had a vote on the Arizona objection, and then immediately counted the electoral ballots. That was the end of it. How convenient for the Biden people!

The only conclusion we can reach here is that Biden (and the Dems) were the true beneficiaries of the incursion, since the Trump supporters had lost their momentum of the debate they had been anticipating, and truly had had the wind knocked out of their sails. Whoever planned that false flag achieved their objective.

This to me is also solid evidence that Trump could not have planned a Capitol break-in, as he is being accused of. Because no one in his right mind would ever want to do something to interrupt a debate from which they could stand to benefit. Any assertion to the contrary is hogwash.

The corrupt and cowardly politicians in DC have used the Jan 6 protests to cover for the stolen elections ever since.

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