Professor Goes on Racist Rant Against White People, Calls Them ‘DEMONIC MONSTERS’

Professor Cassandra Aline Jones went on a racist tirade against white people in response to a video posted by Candace Owens.

Jones claims on her Facebook page that she is an Adjunct Professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary-Charlotte and is listed as an Associate Professor at Rockbridge Seminary.

In response to a video posted by Owens, Jones wrote that white people are the “largest percentage of DEMONIC MONSTERS in this country.”

“Her statements about Blacks are not facts. White on White crime exceeds any other crime in this country. They are still the largest percentage of DEMONIC MONSTERS in this country. No group of people compares to the hatred, evil and demons more than white people. They carry their guns, Bibles, confederate flags and pray to God with hatred for everyone who is not like them. This woman does not know a statistic nor does she understand statistical research. As a PhD and professor, I certainly do.”

Though Jones may enjoy waving around her credentials, she is still wrong.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the offender is the same race as the victim in the majority of violent crime. A 2018 national survey found criminal offenders were the same race as the victim 70 percent of the time for Blacks and 62 percent for Whites.

In a must-read article about inner-city violence in the City Journal, the author noted “drive-by shootings are happening virtually exclusively in African-American neighborhoods, taking a toll on black children that would be inconceivable if white children were involved. If dozens of white children had been murdered over the summer, it would be a national scandal, accompanied by demands for radical protection measures. Likewise, if even a handful of black children had been killed by whites, the uproar over white supremacy would dwarf anything seen to date.”

“Instead, since the black children’s assailants are presumed to be black themselves, the country looks away, lest it be accused of a taboo attention to black crime,” the report continued.

Jones is perhaps even more radical over on Twitter, with constant retweets of people calling Republicans and other ideological foes “enemies of the state” or calling for politicians she dislikes to be removed from Congress.

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary-Charlotte and Rockbridge Seminary to ask about her employment status and if they condone her racist remarks. We will update this story if responses are provided.


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