New Study: ZERO Deaths From COVID Among Healthy Children — Why Are They Forced To Take Dangerous Vaccine?

Not a single healthy child from ages 5 to 18 died of COVID-19 throughout the first 15 months of the pandemic in Germany– the largest country in Europe, according to a newly published major study.

A German registry established in March 2020, shows 1.5 million German children or adolescents were infected with Sars-Cov-2 between March 2020 and May 2021.

Not a single healthy child died from the virus.

The probability of a healthy child requiring intensive care for COVID were about 1 in 50,000, researchers at Cold Sring Harbor Laboratory concluded in a study published to the medRxiv prepping server on Monday.

The odds of children 12 and older requiring intensive care for Covid were 1 in 8,o00.

“Overall, the SARS-CoV-2-associated burden of a severe disease course or death in children and adolescents is low. This seems particularly the case for 5-11-year-old children without comorbidities,” the study notes.

While no healthy children died from the coronavirus in Germany, 14 Germans under the age of 18 with serious preexisting conditions died of Covid during the 15 month time period.

Former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson called attention to the study, warning, “If you let your healthy child or teenager receive the mRNA Covid vaccine, you are insane.”

“Given the known risks of vaccine-induced myocarditis in young men, the fact that Pfizer tested its mRNA vaccines on barely 3,000 children 5-11 and followed most of them for only weeks after the second dose, the German data again raises the question of how health authorities can possibly justify encouraging children or teenagers to be vaccinated,” he wrote. “But they have.”

More people have died or suffered from Covid 19 vaccines than any other vaccine in recorded history, according to the CDC’s own data.

As of Nov. 26, 19,943 people have died from receiving the experimental mRNA vaccine in 2021, while 605 people died of vaccines prior to the administration of the gene-modifying Covid inoculation.

According to VAERS, 1,782,451 are suffering from adverse side effects after receiving  the vaccine.

Many reportedly received dosages from expired vials of the vaccine.

The tragic, sky-rocketing death rate and countless number of people worldwide who are in critical condition after receiving the so-called vaccine, isn’t stopping politicians from mandating public compliance.

On Monday, New York announced it will require residents, including children age 5 to 11,  to be fully vaccinate to access indoor dining, fitness and entertainment. The fascist government mandate goes into effect on Dec. 27. The city’s previous mandate required residents to have received at least one dose.

Like outgoing New York City mayor Bill De Blasio, outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel is ushering in sweeping vaccine mandates before leaving office. On Feb. 1, Austria will be the first country in the European Union to enforce nationwide vaccine mandates for all of its residents.

Deep state tyrants insist more vaccination is necessary to “stop the spread.” But not only are the vaccines killing people, but they are also ineffective at treating Covid.

A reported 78 percent of New York state residents have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine. Yet, New York has seen a surge in Covid-19 infections in the past week and hospitals, which are already short-staffed from incompliance of the mandate,  are overwhelmed with a surge of Covid cases.

Approximately, 67 percent of Austrians are vaccinated, yet Germany hit a record for highest daily COVID-19 cases last week.

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