Hockey Stick Climate Fraud Scientist Michael Mann Says Joe Biden’s Build Back Broke Bill will Prevent Tornadoes From Getting Worse (VIDEO)

Climate hoaxer Michael Mann on Monday told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that Congress has to pass Joe Biden’s Build Back Broke bill to prevent tornadoes from getting worse.

Here’s the back story on serial fraudster Michael Mann:

Dr. Michael Mann, the scientist that co-authored a famous graph of temperature trends known as the “hockey stick graph” was implicated in the 2009 global warming email scandal, which the Gateway Pundit previously reported on.

This same Dr. Michael Mann, in 2012, sued the National Review and Competitive Enterprise Institute over their critique of his work regarding the climate change hoax. Mann even posted to his Facebook page about the lawsuit.

In 2017, as The Gateway Pundit reported, Dr. Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann committed contempt of court in what was dubbed the “climate science trial of the century.”

Not only did Mann call for censorship of scientists who disagree with him on global warming, he absurdly claimed Biden’s BBB bill would stop powerful tornadoes.


Below is Mann’s graph vs 79-year-old Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball’s, which uses much more reliable and easily attainable public data, which accurately shows a significantly warmer Medieval Warm Period with temperatures that are drastically hotter than the modern day’s.

And as we reported earlier — here is the latest tornado tracker in the US.

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