Heartless CEO of Better.com Fires 900 People at One Time on a ZOOM Call (VIDEO)

900 people are out of work after their CEO laid them all off on a ZOOM call a few days ago. 

The CEO of better.com held a zoom call with employees and he then shared that all the employees on the call were being terminated effective immediately. The heartless man then said he had done this before and he cried but not this time.

After the call, three executives at the company reportedly resigned. The New York Post reported:

Three of Better.com’s top executives have reportedly resigned from the company after the online mortgage lender was hit by a wave of backlash over a leaked Zoom call in which the CEO callously laid off some 900 employees.

The company’s head of marketing Melanie Hahn, head of public relations Tanya Hayre Gillogley and vice president of communications Patrick Lenihan have all resigned, Insider reported Tuesday.

The high-level departures are directly related to CEO Vishal Garg’s handling of recent layoffs at the company and his reportedly divisive management style, Insider reported.

The CEO was heartless on his call:

“This isn’t news that you’re going to want to hear … If you’re on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off. Your employment here is terminated effective immediately,” he said, adding that he does “not want to do this.”

“This is the second time in my career I’m doing this and I do not want to do this. The last time I did it, I cried,” Garg said on the call.

The 43-year-old said that the “market has changed” and that the company had to slim down to remain nimble enough to adapt to the evolving housing market, which appears to be cooling after a pandemic-boosted boom — though Garg didn’t mention on the call the company’s $750 million cash infusion it got from investors last week.



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