Apple CEO Tim Cook Reportedly Made a $275 Billion Deal with China in 2016 to Improve China’s Economy and Technology

Global elites have no shame or common sense.  It’s all about money.  

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made a huge deal with China back in 2016 that is only now being reported.

Appleinsider reports:

Apple’s success in China is allegedly down to an agreement with the country’s government to help develop its economy, with a report claiming CEO Tim Cook personally lobbied officials to get the best deal for the company.

Apple considers China to be a major market, with the iPhone maker expending considerable effort to make headway, both in generating custom and in its extensive supply chain operations. The success in China has been a turnaround years in the making, and it seems that a secret agreement may have greased the wheels.

A report on Tuesday claims that, during a period when Apple was dealing with a rash of regulatory activity in China, Tim Cook paid a visit to the country in 2016. During that visit, he signed an agreement with the Chinese government, according to The Information.

The deal would have Apple working to improve China’s economy and technological profile with investments, training up its workforce, and various beneficial business deals. It is alleged that the total value of the five-year agreement was worth $275 billion…

…The key deal was a 1,250-word agreement created by Apple’s government affairs, which it thought could improve its relations with the government and potentially let Apple get the ear of senior leaders. The memorandum of understanding with the National Development and Reform Commission was signed shortly after Cook announced a $1 billion investment in Didi Chuxing in May.

As part of the agreement, Apple pledged to work with Chinese manufacturers to create “the most advanced manufacturing technologies” and “support the training of high-quality Chinese talents.” This was accompanied by promises to increase its use of Chinese suppliers for device components, to work with Chinese software firms and invest in tech companies, and to work with Chinese universities on new technologies.

Was this deal the reason Cook sided with China over Hong Kong freedom fighters?

AWFUL. Apple’s Tim Cook Slams Georgia Voter ID Law After Siding with Communist China in Removing App Used by Hong Kong Freedom Protesters

Apple made a lot of money in China and China likely stole every bit of information they could from Apple.  It was a perfect match.

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