ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Must Do More to Protect His State from the Far-Left Lunatics

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis needs to do more to address the resistance to his policies and mandates.  The left is doing all they can to stop him.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has garnered national publicity by trumpeting his bold move to ban the masking of children in Florida public schools. Unfortunately, the reality of what is happening today in Florida is much different. In fact, today approximately 1,642,700 students are still required to wear masks in Florida – the use of which is illegal, unscientific, and medically meaningless. School Boards in Lake County, Polk County, Volusia County, Lee County, Orange County, Miami-Dade County, Hillsborough County, Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Duval County, are thumbing their noses at the Governor and forcing school children to wear masks.

[Lake County Schools- 42,000. Polk- 106,000. Volusia-61,400. Lee-90,000. Orange- 206,000. Miami-Dade- 347,300. Hillsborough- 223,300. Palm Beach- 176,700. Broward- 261,000. Duval- 129,000. Total: 1,642,700 estimated students.]

While it is true that Governor DeSantis has fined these counties for their refusal to obey State law, those fines are being happily paid for by the Biden Administration!  Why hasn’t the Governor fired these recalcitrant School Board members?

DeSantis fired Sheriff Scott Israel who had not been convicted of a crime but whom the Governor concluded was guilty of gross mismanagement that resulted in the death of the kids at Parkland. He fired several Board of Elections supervisors but whether his replacements are any better is still an open question. In fact, Wendy Sartory Link, the woman Governor DeSantis appointed as Supervisor Of Elections in Palm Beach County took $6.8 million to cook the last election from Mark Zuckerberg.  Desantis appointee Link never announced this payoff.

As Governor of the Sunshine State, Ron DeSantis has the absolute authority to fire any school board member guilty of misconduct.

After I challenged the Governor to focus on the important issues facing Florida and specifically called on him to purge the current Florida voters list of the at least one million phantom voters currently on the rolls, Governor DeSantis responded by announcing the creation of a new department to “investigate election fraud and prosecute it,” in the Governor’s announcement.  He also said that he would oppose drop boxes where voters could drop off their absentee ballots or early votes.

Those jackals in the media who say that I called on the Governor to audit the last election, an election Donald Trump won, misrepresent my demand. I am concerned about the next election, not the last one.

PolitiFact, a fake news media site, claims that I am incorrect regarding the existence of one million phantom voters on the Florida rolls. That would only be true for someone who didn’t believe in the laws of mathematical probability. Prior to my Soviet-style show trial, PolitiFact accurately reported that there was no evidence of my collusion with the Russians, only to retract that factual statement after hordes of deranged leftists blasted them on Twitter. They were wrong and have to be fact-checked.

In fact on November 3, 2020, only by court order, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s last remaining redacted section of his final report, released only because of a lawsuit against the DOJ by Buzzfeed, could not sugarcoat the fact that he had “found no factual evidence” of my involvement in Russian collusion.  There was also no evidence of my involvement with WikiLeaks collaboration or involvement in the phishing and publication of John Podesta’s e-mails. Needless to say, this proves PolitiFact’s claim to the contrary was false and that, based on this revelation, there was never any motive for me to lie to Congress.  This information was specifically withheld from my defense attorneys by the judge in my case. Needless to say, the Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Washington Post, and the New York Times have all failed to report this troubling detail.  Roger Stone did nothing wrong!

PolitiFact has no credibility and reporter Amy Sherman, is, shall we say, way past her prime. Jim Defede of CBS tried this BS on me as well and I had to bitch-slap him on air. There were over two million votes cast by mail in the last election. A sample of 10,000 of them, in which 20% were found to be nonexistent, would accurately predict a total of 1.6 million counterfeit “registrants.” Evidently, the people who deny science when they claim Hydroxychloroquine is not effective in treating Covid-19 now also deny the existence of mathematics. The ability of “news outlets” like PolitiFact and CBS to lie with a straight face is as Maggie Haberman of The New York Times would say, “really something.”

However, Governor DeSantis signed such drop boxes into law in 2019, it was revealed again by investigative journalist Laura Loomer, that Secretary of State, Laurel M Lee – who was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis in 2019 – attended a meeting with 67 other supervisors of elections which violated Florida’s Sunshine laws as the meeting was neither made public nor was open to the public. This illegal meeting included the top official of the Dominion voting machine company.

DeSantis would not endorse Donald Trump for President in 2016 even after Trump had secured the Presidential nomination! In fact, Ron endorsed Trump only after Trump was elected President, then scurried to defend Trump in the Russian collusion hoax on FOX to supercharge his run for Governor. As a Trump loyalist, I am certain of the facts.

Governor Ron DeSantis really owes his election to President Donald Trump – who literally dragged DeSantis over the finish line after Desantis lost two debates to Democrat challenger Andrew Gillum.   Does DeSantis show that he is grateful for President Trump’s assistance?

To be clear, I have no illusions about being elected Governor of the state of Florida, but I will file petitions to seek ballot access in the Governor’s race if Governor DeSantis doesn’t do these things.

DeSantis needs to eliminate the current fraud that permeates the Florida voter rolls and move against those school board members who are violating state law regarding the ban on the mask mandate.

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