”Is This a Plan that the Biden Administration is Putting into Place to Bring America to its Knees?” – Former Trump Secretary of Energy and Texas Governor Rick Perry on Biden/Obama’s Energy Policy

Former Trump Secretary of Energy and Texas governor Rick Perry states the obvious – Biden/Obama is trying to destroy America.

Former Trump Secretary of Energy and Texas governor Rick Perry shared on Newsmax yesterday:

President Joe Biden’s actions shutting down pipelines in America while bolstering them for Russia make no sense — unless it’s part of a plan to actually hurt the U.S. fossil fuel industry, former Energy Secretary Rick Perry told Newsmax.

”Is this a plan,” Perry asked Tuesday on ”The Chris Salcedo Show,” that the ”Biden administration is putting into place to bring America to its knees? Why else would this be happening if you weren’t doing it on purpose? And I would suggest to you they are doing it on purpose because they hate the fossil fuel industry.”

But it’s hurting more than the fossil fuel industry, Perry, the governor of Texas from 2000-2015 said. Middle- and lower-class Americans are feeling the squeeze with rising fuel prices.

”Sane government” should start to correct the problem in 2022, Perry added, when he sees ”thoughtful conservatives” taking back the House and Senate, ”Intelligent individuals who don’t want to destroy America,” rather than ”AOC-driven Obama re-treads that want to destroy America using Marxism.”

America was energy independent under President Trump but the Biden gang believes OPEC now decides the price of oil in America.

“Ha Ha Ha! That is Hilarious!” – Biden Energy Secretary Laughs When Asked About Biden’s Plans to Bring Gas Prices Down (VIDEO)

The US has gone from being an oil producer to being dependent on OPEC under Biden.  What a mess.

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