“I Have Never, Ever Seen This Country in a More Precarious State: Economically, Militarily, Culturally, Socially and Politically” – Dr. Peter Navarro on The War Room (VIDEO)

Dr. Peter Navarro joined Steve Bannon Saturday morning on The Weekend War Room.

Dr. Peter Navarro’s experience spands decades. He described the current political, economic and cultural climate in America as something he has never seen before.  Then he explained why he is saying this. 
Dr. Navarro responds to Bannon’s question about why he is saying this:

I gotta lot a years on this body here, Steve.  Ok, I’ve seen everything from the Vietnam War protests and the stagflation in the 70’s, to the stock market crash in ’07.  I have never, ever seen this country in a more precarious state: economically, militarily, culturally, socially and politically.  And it is the direct result of the steal of that election, and what led up to it, which to say [was] a complete breakdown of all of our core institutions.

Whether it’s the fourth estate [the media], with the spin and crap of the MSNBC’s and CNN’s of this world or the Supreme Court, or the state courts, or the Republican legislatures in the six battleground states which didn’t have the stones and still don’t have the stones to do what needs to be done, in the teeth of a pandemic from Communist China.  And the idea that we still won’t hold China accountable, is crazy.

Listen to this and more below:

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