Leftist Writer Hands Out Masks, Notes About COVID on Halloween — So Someone Wrote ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on His Garage With Ketchup

Carl Beiher, a leftist writer for Jacobin, says that someone wrote “Let’s Go Brandon” on his garage with ketchup after he handed out masks and told trick-or-treaters to go home.

The writer tweeted “some kids have been getting upset about this but frankly I am beyond caring. There’s a pandemic going on and you’re spreading it. Go home,” along with a photo of notes and masks that he was giving trick-or-treaters.

“Go home. It isn’t safe to Trick-or-Treat during Covid,” he wrote on the notes he says that he was handing out — in childlike handwriting.

In a hilarious update, Beijer wrote “well someone egged my house and for some reason wrote ‘let’s go Brandon’ on the garage with ketchup.”

“I hate Halloween,” he concluded.


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