January 6 Protester Sends Letter From Jail, Begs for Help, Says ‘Police Repeatedly Tried to Incite a Riot’ — You Can Donate HERE

Jailed January 6 protester Peter Schwartz has penned an open letter to the public pleading for help as he does not believe that his lawyers are really fighting for him.

Schwartz is a welder by trade and has served his country in the Army Reserves.

The government has accused Schwartz of pepper-spraying two police officers and asserted that he “wielded a club.” Peter says that he witnessed “the Capitol Police brutalizing women and elderly patriots,” and attempting to deliberately provoke the crowd into violence.

Schwartz was charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers using a dangerous weapon; civil disorder; aiding and abetting; obstruction of an official proceeding; entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon; disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds; impeding ingress and egress in a restricted building or grounds; disorderly conduct; engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon; impeding passage through the Capitol grounds or buildings; and acts of physical violence in the Capitol grounds or buildings.

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Here Is Peter Schwartz’ full letter:

Hello Patriot, 

I’ve received so many letters recently that it’s hard to know how to respond. Where do I even  begin? How about at the end?  

I’m sitting on a cold, steel bunk right now; surrounded with the many letters I’ve recently received since the public learned how we’re being treated, and the jail started giving us our mail.  Many of the letters are post-marked from as much as 4 months ago. Many are damaged and  torn with no return addresses. All of these letters are my first real light of hope, because many  months ago I’d grown to despise the apathy of our nation, and lost all hope.  

They keep us in a remote part of the DC jail that wasn’t even in use until they brought us here.  This is the 6th jail I’ve been shuffled around to since the day that 30 “agents” and a tank assaulted me with guns and flash-bang grenades, when they arrested me, nearly nine months ago.  

I’m being charged with a lot of serious-sounding charges that make no sense to me. But since  I’ve never actually seen the charges against me, I’m not sure of the specifics. I know the liberal  media has been calling me things that end in “-ist” or “-phobic”. Untrue accusations of thought crimes…and they say I’ll serve 26yrs to life! 

Arrested on February 2nd, 2021; my very first sham of a bond hearing wasn’t held until July of  2021. This was all so over the top and comedically dramatic, that I wasn’t even worried…initially. I’ve been demanding my constitutional right to a speedy trial, (which is 70  days), since day one, and thought I’d clear all this up, and be on my way! But ever since our  most important right…our right to vote…was negated; I’m discovering that I no longer have ANY  rights!! 

It’s no longer amusing. Apparently, I’m being “pushy”, and showing a “lack of trust” in my lawyers by wanting to see the charges and evidence against me with my own eyes. I’m on my 3rd defense attorney now and trying for a new one. None have filed any motions on my behalf, and they keep telling me to stay in jail quietly while the Prosecutors take the time they need to build a case against me! I’ve been wearing the same contact lenses since January 7th. My eyes hurt.  My money’s gone, and my career as a traveling welder might be over. 

The Democrat’s dream for our country is a reality now. 

Meanwhile, the guards here strut around in their “Black Lives Matter” face masks, being abusive, and shoving their racist propaganda down our throats; papers and magazines that openly  say that “white people” are devils, and dogs, and that we’re lower than swine… claiming black men are gods. This racist, religious, cult propaganda is shoveled at us daily… but it was a 3  month battle for me to get a Bible! And they call US racist for wanting a fair election?!?

This Bizzaro World seemed comedic at first; just by the sheer ridiculousness and exaggerated proportions of the “narrative”. But now, as I’m sitting here on this cold bunk…unable to stop my leg from shaking; it’s my emotions that run the spectrum with exaggerated proportions. Pain and rage are powerful, and consuming emotions, but they don’t even hold a candle to the feeling of hopelessness. 

Fortunately, these letters all around me are my first, real signs of hope. When I hear the  Conservatives-for-hire on the radio, condemning us… just like the liberals; it confuses me and destroys hope further. I was in lower Manhattan during the September 11th attacks in 2001, and nobody arrested me or condemned me for jumping into action then…so why is, even people “on  our side” condemning us now?!? 

On January 6th. 2021 the police repeatedly tried to incite a riot. They had undercover “agitators”, plus the Capitol police using mace, tear gas, flash-bang grenades…or they’d beat on a  woman…in order to fire up the crowd. (Like Roseanne, who they beat to death and then are disrespecting her dead body.) These things did fire up the crowd, but then everybody would come right back down. The cops did this over and over and over until they murdered Ashli Babbitt too. I think they did it to incite the crowd into enough of a frenzy that would justify them shooting us all.  

And when the crowd didn’t escalate to the level they hoped; they just let people in the building for photos, so they could push their narrative anyhow. Their sick, twisted narrative that now taunts the American people by giving Ashli Babbit’s murderer a REWARD for killing her. 

Where is the outrage for our Patriot women being murdered in cold blood for no reason? Other than to hide more magnanimous crimes?!? Yet they are cheering on our liberal oppressors by saying, “Well…if they did any violence, whether reactive or not…or broke any laws, they need to  be held accountable.” 

Any REASONABLE PERSON knows the Election was stolen! So, the question that the courts and the people should be asking about us J6ers is: WHEN does the DUTY to throw off a corrupt and tyrannical government begin? Our Declaration of Independence calls for it. Our Constitution backs it. So, at what point does that duty begin? 

  • When the election numbers are making mathematically impossible shifts in the middle of the night? 

No. There are laws and higher authorities in place to deal with that. (But I’m  paying attention now.) 

  • Does it begin when the State I am working in starts going against their own Constitution to facilitate Voter Fraud? 

Not Yet. There are still Constitutional “safeguards” built-in, such as: The  Electoral College, and the certification thereof.  

  • What about when the Vice President of the United States KNOWINGLY certifies a  fraudulent election, and our Country has OFFICIALLY been stolen from “We The  People”?? 

Constitutionally, and by the very principles that our Nation was founded upon;  anything goes at that point!! Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for our entire Country to be stolen. I just jumped into action when I saw the Capitol Police brutalizing women and elderly Patriots. Most people call that “acts of heroism”. 

I’m giving you a small window into some of my daily thoughts that run on a loop…but it’s difficult to know where to begin, or where to end. It’s nearly impossible for me to convey my 

daily reality to you, when these days…weeks…and months roll by so slowly here in solitary confinement, that they’ve robbed me of my own realities. 

Time moves so slowly that I feel like I was born in here, and all my memories of real-life are just things I’ve dreamed of during the restless sleep I get when exhaustion overtakes my cramped up body and the achy uncomfortableness of my steel bunk. 

I had a wife. We travelled the country, from state to state, as my career called for, and had a  small wedding back in Kentucky, (where we call home), last year. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer a month after my arrest, and with News repeatedly saying that  I’d be sentenced to 26yrs-to-life; it was simply too much for her. 

She has a new man now that she shares her new hard-drug habit with. She blames me for everything wrong because I “left her”, and my garbage lawyers wouldn’t even attempt to get me out on bond so I could be there for her surgeries. God in heaven knows how hard I tried… 

Maybe she’s right…reality is tangible, right? No matter how hard of a worker I’ve been…no matter how good of a Spiritual leader I was…and no matter how much I provided for us: This cold, hard bunk, and solitude, is my only reality. Even if justice does, somehow, prevail; I don’t even have my own roof to sleep under anymore. 

I do have faith in God, though. Faith requires action, however, and since I’m unable to do anything myself while I’m in here; I’m asking you to plaster my GiveSendGo account  EVERYWHERE!! On all forms of Social Media, to all the Podcasters, Radio and TV  people… Julie Kelly, Steve Bannon, Natalie Harp, Greg Kelly, our Senators, and  Representatives…PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW! 


Those who wish to donate can do so on GiveSendGo.

Love in Christ, 

Pete J. Schwartz #377185


1901 E. Street SE

Washington, D.C. 20003


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