Wolf Blitzer Continues to Embarrass Himself

Did you see Wolf Blitzer’s latest lame stunt?

Oh, how the once mighty have fallen. The reactions to Wolf’s tweet were not positive. My favorite:

I had my first interaction with Wolf on November 19, 1991. I was manning the State Department Counter Terrorism Task Force that was overseeing the release of the Reverend Terry Waite, who was the special envoy of the archbishop of Canterbury.

Waite was kidnapped by Hezbollah in January 1987 and held captive for four years. Terry is an example of the aphorism, no good deed goes unpunished. Prior to being snatched by the Shiite clan, he obtained the release of Western missionaries captured in Iran after the Islamic revolution. He also secured freedom for British hostages held in Libya and brokered the release of American hostages Lawrence Jenco and David Jacobsen from Lebanon in 1986. This was part of what we now know as the Iran Contra scandal. Waite was working with Colonel Oliver North in negotiating with the Shiite terrorists responsible for grabbing those Americans.

I was working in the Office of the Coordinator for Counter Terrorism at the U.S. State Department in 1991. Finding the U.S. hostages was one of our top priorities, but we were having little success.

When the news broke that Waite was free, the phone in the Task Force room rang. I picked up and found myself chatting with Wolf Blitzer. At the time, Wolf was CNN’s White House correspondent. Wolf asked me, “Is it true that the CIA planted transmitters in Terry Waite’s skin?”

“Wolf”, I said, “We’ve been trying to locate Waite for four years. We’ve met with the CIA every week for the last four years pouring over intelligence and running down tips trying to find Waite. We had no idea where he was until today.”

Wolf responded, “Okay.” Within thirty minutes, Wolf was on air standing in front of the White House and reported, “According to the State Department, the U.S. Government had been unable to locate the Reverend Waite until today.”

At least back then Wolf was a legitimate newsman. But this also gave me a glimpse of how the “news” business worked behind the scenes. I did not clear my comment to Wolf with anyone at State Department. But, with Wolf’s words, I was now anointed as the voice of the Department of State.

I am sad to see Wolf now debase himself with juvenile antics like his latest tweet. I doubt he will ever find the courage to rediscover his roots as a genuine journalist. He has become one more cog in the Deep State media machine. A real journalist would be reporting on the staggering hypocrisy of the media covering for Antifa and BLM terrorism while parroting DOJ lies that the American citizens who entered the Capitol on January 6 were terrorists hell-bent on overthrowing the Republic. It is a damnable lie and Wolf’s silence on this makes him complicit in the injustice.


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