Weirdo Jamie Lee Curtis Implies ‘Halloween Kills’ Movie is About Jan. 6

Jamie Lee Curtis has implied that the new “Halloween Kills” film that opens this Friday is about the January 6th protest at the Capitol.

However, Curtis is full of crap because the movie was filmed from September to November 2019.

Curtis has been an outspoken anti-Trump fanatic for quite some time.

Speaking to horror filmmaker Eli Roth for his “History of Horror” podcast, Curtis said that the 2018 Halloween movie was about the #MeToo movement and the one opening on Friday was about Trump supporters.

“[When] we were launching the 2018 movie, it was right in the center of the MeToo movement,” Curtis said. “And so women taking power and speaking truth to power and voicing their experiences as trauma victims was echoing all over the world when we released that movie — a movie about a woman taking power from her trauma against her oppressor.”

“The second movie is about mob violence,” Curtis said. “We have just in America watched a mob descend on January 6 with nooses and stun guns and members of Congress in the building. And we all watched it on TV.”

Breitbart reports that “Curtis described the new movie as the story of a ‘mob descending together,’ comprised of people who are going ‘to take matters into their own hands.'”

Four Trump supporters died at the Jan. 6 protests – at least two were killed by police.


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