Pennsylvania’s Election Process Was Confirmed as Not Being Accurate, Complete, or In Compliance with Laws by the State’s Auditor General in December 2019

Pennsylvania’s voting process was corrupted before the 2020 Election.  There was ample information that Pennsylvania’s election process  lacked accuracy, completeness, and compliance with the law.  Pennsylvania’s Auditor General told us this in December 2019.

Pennsylvania was set up for major fraud in the 2020 Election.  The Pennsylvania Auditor General warned us. In late 2019 the state’s Auditor General released a report that provided evidence that the state’s election process was not accurate, complete, or in compliance with election laws.

In December 2019 the Auditor General for the state of Pennsylvania released a report with terrible results related to the state’s election process.  The Department of the Auditor General (DAG) was unable to confirm the state’s election process as being accurate, complete, or in compliance with election laws.

Not only this, but the state’s Secretary of State Office, the State’s Department of Transportation, and four local county offices would not comply with audit requests.  These entities purposely blocked efforts to get to the truth in the election process so fixes could be implemented before the 2020 Election. 

See this from the Executive Summary of the audit report:

On the next page of the report, the auditors make some more astounding comments about the controls surrounding the election process in Pennsylvania.  The auditors “identified tens of thousands of potential duplicate and inaccurate voter records”.  There were numerous IT control weaknesses surrounding the security of records.  And then to top it all off, management argued with the auditors and strongly disagreed with their findings after blocking the auditors’ work and not providing 70% of the details for the sampled policies reviewed.

These results were alarming and a warning for what was coming in 2020.  See the entire report (mess) below.

PA Department of State_SURE Audit Report 12-19-19 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

We now have this information that Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State was preparing the state for election fraud in 2020 rather than working to address issues with the election process.

[This was one of the worst audit reports I have ever seen – Executive  Auditor who performed hundreds of audits around the world.]

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