Illinois Senate Votes to Repeal Law That Requires Parents Be Notified Before a Minor Has an Abortion

The Illinois state senate has voted to repeal a law that requires parents be notified before a minor receives an abortion.

Tuesday’s vote took aim at a law that went into place in 2013 and required that parent or guardian be alerted at least 48 hours before the abortion.

Minors were allowed to waive the notification in cases where they were concerned for their safety.

The vote was 32 to 22 in favor of repealing the statute. Four Democrats crossed the party line to oppose it and five did not vote.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has supported the effort to repeal notifications.

State Sen. Elgie Sims, who is a sponsor of the bill to repeal, said it is “a necessary proposal to move our state forward to protect our young people, often those who cannot protect themselves,” according to a report from the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune reports that Republican Sen. Jil Tracy called the repeal proposal “illogical” and said it’s an example of Pritzker’s “radical agenda” that drives wedges between parents and their obligations to their children.

“Of all the human relationships, there’s none stronger than a relationship between parent and a child, and certainly while it lasts an entire lifetime, there is no better time and critical event in the minor years that child needs nurturing and support and counseling from their parents,” Tracy said at a news conference ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

The bill is now heading to the Democrat-majority House.


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