Garbage Piling Up Everywhere, 45% of Firemen and 25% of Police Facing Termination Friday – This Is Democrat De Blasio’s New York City

Garbage is piling up.  Huge numbers of firemen and police are facing termination Friday for not having taken the vaccine.  New York City under De Blasio is a nightmare. 

The Daily Mail reports:

The head of New York City’s firefighter union is telling members to go to work whether they’re vaccinated or not ahead of Friday’s vaccine mandate deadline, as the police union continues to fight the rule in court.

New York could face a serious shortage of firefighters, sanitation workers and cops Friday evening – the deadline for all city workers to get their first shot or get sent home without pay on Monday.

Andrew Ansbro, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, says that his members felt ‘insulted’ by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s order, which was announced just last week.

New York Post also reported on the garbage piling up.

Sanitation workers outraged over the order to get inoculated against COVID-19 are letting trash pile up across Staten Island and in parts of Brooklyn — and the head of their union said Wednesday that he’s on their side.

The protesting workers are engaging in a rule-book slowdown that includes returning to their garages for things like gloves or gas so collections don’t get finished, sources said.

Supervisors have even been warned to guard the garages this weekend to prevent trucks from getting vandalized, sources said.

When asked what was going on, Teamsters Local 831 President Harry Nespoli, whose union represents the sanitation workers, shot back, “The mandate’s going on.”

Reuters is reporting:

Police and firefighters joined thousands of protesters against the mandates who marched across the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this week to demonstrate their opposition to the move.

A New York State judge on Wednesday denied a police union request to temporarily block the mandate.

The Police Benevolent Association, which filed a lawsuit against the vaccine mandate on Monday, said on Twitter that the union would appeal Wednesday’s decision by the state Supreme Court judge.

“Today’s ruling sets the city up for a real crisis,” Patrick Lynch, the president of the police union, said late on Wednesday.

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has about 17,000 employees, including emergency medical services staff, firefighters and civilian employees. About 68% of them have been vaccinated, according to the department.

Based on current vaccination rates and the threat of unpaid leave, the city could see up to 20% of fire units close and fewer ambulances on the road, the department said.

Garbage on the streets and crime in the city rising, businesses shut down for good, and Mayor De Blasio wants a significant portion of the city’s workers who keep it clean and safe to be relieved of duty.  What garbage.

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