EXCLUSIVE: International Journalist Shares on Italian Government’s Actions Setting Up Rome Protesters Using Same Tactics as US Capitol Police on Jan 6

Italy and the US are close.  Unfortunately, they are so close (since the Obama Administration) that they are using the same tactics on their people standing up against their dictatorial dissent. 

Italians across their country are protesting the COVID mandate the government put in place forcing its citizens to get vaccinated in order to hold their job.

Journalist Fulvio Grimaldi was on with Joe Hoft and Kell Brazil this morning at RealTalk93.3 to discuss the goings-on in Italy today.  This was a fascinating interview but the most shocking part was when Grimaldi discussed recent events that happened in Rome with protesters there.

Grimaldi shared a story that appeared similar to the actions of January 6 at the Capitol in America where Americans gathered to protest the stolen election.  These protesters marched to the Capitol where politicians were getting ready to certify the stolen results.  At that moment Capitol police began attacking innocent protesters with tear gas and bombs.  Other police waved protesters into the Capitol.  Four protesters died that day with at least one, but likely all, dying at the hands of the police.  It’s been reported that members from Antifa and other radical groups, some backed by the government, inserted themselves in the crowd to stir up trouble.

The media was present on Jan 6 and quick to call the protesters fascists and insurrectionists.  The Democrats in Congress who stole the election, called for the protesters to be held accountable for treasonous acts.  Even those invited into the Capitol by the police were eventually arrested for (get this) insurrection.

Grimaldi shared in his interview that a similar situation happened recently in Rome on October 9th.  Protesters of the COVID mandate were allowed by the police to march to a union’s headquarters and attempt to destroy property there.  The media was quick to call the protesters fascists.

Italian police used water cannon and tear gas on Saturday to push back hundreds of people, including neo-fascist activists, demonstrating in Rome against a government drive to make the COVID-19 “Green Pass” mandatory for all workers.

One group of protesters tried to break through police lines to reach Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s city centre office, while a separate group tried to smash their way into the headquarters of Italy’s main CGIL trade union.

The leader of the union CGIL shared:

The assault on CGIL’s national headquarters is an act of fascist thuggery, an attack on democracy and on the world of work,” its leader Maurizio Landini said in a statement. “No-one should think that they can return our country to its fascist past.”

Yesterday in Rome protesters gathered to protest against fascists, the charge aligned with the protesters from October 9th.

Listen to Grimaldi’s excellent summary of what is going on in Italy today.  The people of Italy, even those who have the COVID vaccine are standing together against Italy’s COVID tyranny while the government and its media are working in tandem to remove individual rights from the people in Italy.

Communists everywhere are making their moves now.  We must stand together and stop them.

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