EXCLUSIVE | Dr. Stella Immanuel: Vaccinated Must Medicate With Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamins To Survive Winter Wild Virus (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit Reporter Alicia Powe interviewed Dr. Stella Immanuel recently. 

Here is what Dr. Immanuel told The Gateway Pundit.  Her predictions are startling and her opinions are her own.

The genetically modified immune systems of those who have been vaccinated are no longer able to adequately fight off respiratory illness virus without a cocktail of vitamins and medications that are being withheld from the public, Dr. Stella Immanuel cautioned in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit.


Moments after Immanuel shocked the locked-down nation in 2020 with an announcement claiming hydroxychloroquine cures the coronavirus, the mainstream media in coordination with big tech launched a relentless campaign to destroy the Frontline Doctor.

As Biden Inc., Dr. Anthony Fauci and the pharmaceutical-sponsored news corporations impugn hydroxychloroquine, a drug with a 50-year track record, and extol the virtues of the brand-new, unprecedented gene therapy “vaccine,” Immanuel is steadfastly exposing the propagandized effort to coerce the public into compliance and saving lives.

The Cameroon-born doctor and minister is now waging a $100 million lawsuit against CNN and Anderson Cooper for defamation as she works in the emergency room around the clock treating thousands of COVID-positive patients who she insists likely would die in the public hospitals that are withholding treatment.

The coronavirus pandemic is a trojan horse designed to mandate the vaccine, a gene modifying concoction that’s “cooked in human fetal tissue,” depletes natural immunity, and is designed to replace free will with global medical tyranny, contends Immanuel, author of the new book “Let Us Live.”

Mass compliance will result in mass genocide, she forewarns.

“This is what I will tell people who have received the vaccine: you have received a genetic material. Most of you were deceived when receiving it,” she said. “When we make a vaccine, we usually take a piece of the virus, bacteria and inject it in your deltoid. That piece of material sits in that position and then your body produces antibodies, it’s fighting it in that position.”

“Your body – it produces memory cells that remember the virus or bacteria. The next time you have exposed to it your body mounds a huge immune response.”

But COVID-19 vaccines do not operate the same as vaccines.

“In this situation, that’s not what they did,” Immanuel explains. “They actually put together a genetic code and they inject this code into your system. This code tells your body to produce the spike protein, which is what kills people from coronavirus in the first place.”

As the COVID injection recodes messenger RNA to permanently and persistently replicate spike proteins, the immune system is forced to constantly fend off the malignant substance.

The ongoing battle ultimately depletes natural immunity, the doctor asserts.

“When this spike protein enters your body, your body starts fighting it – it now silences your body’s natural immunity. People are going to have auto-immune diseases – ‘antibody immunity enhancement. Your body keeps producing spike proteins and your body keeps fighting it,” Dr. Immanuel explains. “It’s just like if you stand outside your house and you’re fighting and fighting continuously, you’re going to get weak just fighting. Your immune system right now is being stimulated constantly to fight.”

“We human beings need to stop complying. There are millions of us that have not taken the vaccine. We need to rise up, pray and say no. They want all seven billion people in the world to become hybrids.”

Physicians were initially led to believe the spike protein contained in mRNA vaccines would be confined to the deltoid or region of the body in which was injected, as is the case with other vaccines.

Further inspection reveals the spike protein was uniquely manufactured to cross the blood-brain barrier within minutes and accumulate in the heart and reproductive organs.

“They have lied to us,” Immanuel admonished. “The bio-distribution of that spike protein goes everywhere, and they don’t even know the bio-distribution of the mRNA in which they put in your body. When your body produces the spike protein, it’s glitz in your body and it accumulates in parts of your body – your brain. It can cross into your ovaries. It can cross into the testicles.  A lot of people that have taken this vaccine have been getting reports of [their] sperm count being low.”

“The body is very smart – so smart that it has a way of blocking dangerous material from crossing into the brain or crossing membranes into the placenta or into the sexual organs or into the ovaries or testicles. They outsmarted the body by coating this genetic material —  lipid so that it can cross into the blood-brain barrier –  the placenta. That’s why people are having miscarriages.”

Even the invasive, painful COVID test, administered with the insertion of a 12 inch Q-Tip into one or both of the nostrils, is an unprecedented, unnecessary tactic to coerce and intimidate, Immanuel argues.

“They don’t even need to do all that,” she retorted.

While Communist China administers anal swab tests for COVID on “high-risk” cases, including thousands of school children who were thought to have been exposed to the virus, “They can just swipe your throat,” Immanuel maintains. “It doesn’t need to get that deep.”

It remains unclear whether genetic engineering is reversible, but hydroxychloroquine, a drug renowned for treating Malaria, and Ivermectin, a Nobel prize-winning medicine, fortify the immune system against respiratory illness like COVID, Immanuel contends.

She urges every COVID-vaccinated individual to order a prescription of hydroxychloroquine and preventively medicate to rebuild immunity ahead of a slew of respiratory “wild” viruses that thrive in the winter.

“The winter is coming, and we are going to have the wild virus and that’s going to be serious – that’s when we have all kinds of viruses.” Dr. Immaneul contends. “When clinical trials were conducted on mRNA’s effects on SARS COVID 1, they injected it into ferrets. When the ferrets went into the wild and they encountered the wild virus, they died.

“We don’t know whether God is going to show us mercy and give us something that can help [reverse] this, but for now – if you’ve taken the vaccine, please, you cannot afford to not have your vitamins. You cannot afford to not be on hydroxychloroquine to protect yourself.

Amid permeation of delta variant, the number of patients seeking treatment at Immanuel’s clinic, Rehoboth Medical Center in Houston, Texas, grew from approximately one hundred per week to hundreds a day. Since June, nearly, 30 percent of the thousands treated were ill from COVID were fully vaxxed.

“Now, we are seeing vaccinated people get sick — hydroxychloroquine still works. We still give them hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and Ivermectin when they get sick. We treat vaccinated patients exactly like nonvaccinated patients and it still works,” she said. “I advise all vaccinated people to get on hydroxychloroquine for prevention. Right now, people are dying in the hospital. They are not dying because they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. They are dying because the hospitals are denying those treatments.

“Get on prevention before you get sick — before you can’t breathe. The minute you start getting that first sniffle, don’t wait and think ‘this is just a cold’ – get treated. Go to www.DrStellaMD.com you can see where you can sign up and get a prescription.

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