Doctor Brags on Social Media About Letting Her 4-YEAR-OLD CHILD Be Used as a Human Guinea Pig for Vaccine Testing

A doctor is bragging on social media about letting her four-year-old child be used as a human guinea pig for testing the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine in extremely young children.

The mother, Doctor Jill E. Weatherhead, is the director of the Pediatric Tropical Medicine clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital and the Adult Tropical Medicine clinic in Harris Health System in Houston.

“Today my 4yo had the privilege of participating in the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID19 vaccine clinical trial @TexasChildrens for 2-4yo,” Weatherhead wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of her bandaged child’s arm. “We are thankful to the scientist, pharmacists, & others involved in the vaccine development process for working to keep our children safe.”

Naturally, she was dragged on Twitter for experimenting with her child’s health when there is no real risk of the virus in children this age.

Her supporters, who apparently want to sacrifice the young to save the old, were also slammed.

The doctor was so roundly condemned that she turned off public comments on her tweet.

“COVID-19 doesn’t appear to affect children as severely. In the states reporting data, between 0.1 percent and 1.9 percent of kids with COVID-19 were hospitalized, and only 0.00-0.03 percent of cases were fatal. What’s more, a report from researchers in Israel, published February 2021 in PLOS Computational Biology, found that people under 20 years old are half as susceptible to COVID-19. They’re also less likely to transmit the disease to others,” reports.


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