Can You Trust the Moderna Vaccine? – Iceland Joins Sweden and Denmark and Says “No!”

My wife and I, entirely too trusting, took the Moderna vaccine when it came out. We are not medically ignorant. My wife actually was the nurse manager for a nationally known critical care unit. You can laugh at us now for “trusting” the Government experts. But my wife has now made it clear–no more jabs.

A couple of weeks after the second vaccine I had some cardiac reactions. Atrial fib and palpitations. Fortunately, those symptoms were temporary and dissipated within a day.

So did you see what Iceland did? They announced they would no longer use the Moderna vaccine. Not just for teenagers or people under 30. For everyone. Because the risk of heart problems is too high, according to their health authorities.

Iceland joined Sweden and Denmark in halting Moderna vaccinations in its country.

Seventy four percent of Iceland is vaccinated. If the vaccine was working as advertised they should not be battling rising infections of Covid. But that’s not happening. Cases are rising. In fact, the Government of Iceland issued new edicts today in response to the rising number of cases:

Social gathering is limited to 10 people.

Religious services may admit up to 30 people.

Swimming pools and gyms are closed, as well as contact sports, theatres, pubs, video slots parlours and cinemas.

Restaurants may only admit up to 20 people, and must close at 22:00.

Shops may admit up to 50 people, with fewer allowed in smaller shops.

Hair and beauty salons may continue to operate.

In addition, to this, it was announced that AstraZeneca vaccines will also be resumed. There will be enough supply to cover those over the age of 70 and health care workers.

Vaccinations have ramped up in recent weeks. As it stands now, 19,887 people are fully vaccinated, i.e. have received both shots and completed a grace period of at least two weeks afterwards. 38,142 have received the first shot, 58,029 have received both, and vaccinations have begun on 18,255 people.

If the vaccines were working–i.e., protecting the vaccinated and stopping new cases–Iceland would not have to impose new restrictions. It is becoming more clear with each passing day–the vaccines do not work. Take them at your own risk. As for me and my house, no more jabs. Alex Berenson is doing great work on all the Covid data. I encourage you to subscribe to his substack channel or follow him on Telegram.



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