Antifa Artist Group Defaces Memphis Billboards With Anti-Cop Messages – Near Where Officer Was Killed (PHOTOS)

The Antifa street art group Indecline has struck again, this time defacing two billboards in Memphis, Tennessee with a “defund the police” message.

Indecline recently made headlines for vandalizing a billboard with pro-abortion messages in Mississippi and hanging a “God Bless Abortions” banner on Christ of the Ozarks monument.

In a press release provided to the Gateway Pundit by the group, they expressed condolences for the police officer who was killed in a traffic accident between the two billboards that they vandalized.

Officer Darrell Adams, 34 was at the scene of a crash on I-40 westbound near North Watkins when the 18-wheeler hit him on Saturday morning.

*In a bizarre twist of fate, Highway Patrol Officer Darrell Adams was killed in a traffic accident between the two alterations just a few days before the action took place. The loss of any human is difficult, but the fact that he was a police officer doesn’t change the message. If anything, INDECLINE believes is that the reduction of the role that police play in our daily lives would benefit their safety as officers as much as ours as citizens. Either way, our condolences to the family. We know what it feels like to lose someone,” the group said in their statement.

Adams’ death did not stop them from targeting the two billboards near where he was killed, however.

This is not the first time the group has vandalized billboards with anti-cop messages.

In April, they vandalized a billboard in Mississippi with “[Expletive] those killer cops!” and “Justice for George Floyd”


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