TikTok Star Charged With Manslaughter for Shooting Friend Returns to Social Media With Ghoulish Video

TikTok cosplay star Mary Anne Oliver-Snow has returned to the platform with a ghoulish video after being charged with manslaughter for shooting her friend in January.

Snow was arrested in Texas on January 18 after she allegedly shot her high school friend by accident.

Court records state that “on or about January 17,” Snow “recklessly caused the death of Helen Rose Hastings by pointing a handgun at the complainant and pulling the trigger.”

Snow, who goes by @yandere.freak on TikTok, has 1.6 million followers. She told police that the gun belonged to her ex-boyfriend and she thought that it was not loaded.

“The Defendant stated they were all drinking and she got pretty drunk. The defendant stated her ex-boyfriend left his gun at her residence when he moved out, stating he took all of the bullets. The Defendant stated she did not know there was a bullet in it, stating she has played with it before as a joke. The Defendant stated her ex-boyfriend has shown her how to take out the bottom part, referring to the magazine, so it would not shoot,” the charging document states.

The document goes on to explain that Snow told police they had been “passing the gun around for hours” and “playing with it.” She said that she might have been “too drunk” and that Hastings had jokingly said “ooooh shoot me” — which Snow did.

“The Defendant said she did not load it and does not know how it went off. The Defendant told her friend to call 911 as she moved the gun away from the Complainant. The Defendant said the 911 operator told her to place the gun back in the case. The Defendant believes everyone in the house had touched or held the gun tonight,” the document continued.

Snow was eventually released on $20,000 bond.

In her big return to social media, Snow did a video to the song “Red Means I Love You” by Madds Buckley, which has some pretty ghoulish lyrics considering the situation. To make the situation even worse, she performed in front of a blood splattered backdrop.


#duet with @yandere.freak okay… #cosplayer #theythem #yanderefreak

♬ The Red Means I Love You on Spotify – Madds Buckley

The lyrics to the song include:

Cause my insides are red
And yours are too
And the red on my face
Is matching you
And goodness you’re bleeding
What a wonderful feeling
You’re down and you’re pleading
My head is just reeling
The Red means I love you
Tasting your blood means I love you

Yandere is a term for an anime character who starts off loving and sweet — before becoming psychotic and often violent over a love interest.


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