“It was a Slap in the Face:” Just Days After a Terrorist Attack Killed 13 Troops, US Marines Reveal They Were Forced to Wipe Away Messages They Left For the Taliban and Pick up Trash Before Turning Over Control of Kabul Airport

This week, a US Marine publicly exposed another despicable decision that was made by the Biden Administration during the Botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

He revealed that – in the days following the horrific suicide bombing that killed 13 troops – he and his fellow highly trained Marines were degradingly forced to clean up EVERY LAST PIECE of trash and wipe away all insulting messages that they had left for the Taliban and ISIS on the walls of Kabul airport.

The unnamed marine spoke with the Washington Post, explaining that the order to remove the graffiti and tidy up the airport came from his ‘bosses,’ who wanted to ensure a clean airport for the new savage terrorist owners when they took over.

What’s even more ridiculous is the soldiers had been previously ordered to scatter trash around the airport to frustrate the eventual Taliban takeover.

“My boys had to go… pick up every last piece of trash… For who? The Taliban?

It was a slap in the face to us.”

The Marine also shared some examples of the graffiti messages that they were forced to take down. They all had the same simple message: F#CK THE TALIBAN / ISIS.

Well deserved, if you ask me.

One of the photos shows 12 of our troops holding their guns and proudly standing in front of a wall that has the words “F#ck ISIS, AFG 2021.”

Lastly, a trio of soldiers shows off a letter they were going to leave on the ground for some unsuspecting terrorist dirtbag to pick up.

Yes, you guessed it. It says “F#ck The Taliban.”

It’s a shame that these messages will not be seen by their intended recipients – and it’s a downright insult that our best-in-the-world military members were forced to be a janitorial cleanup crew so the terrorist scum who are responsible for 13 murdered servicemembers aren’t offended.

If only it was a sick joke.

First Lt. Jack Coppola, a spokesperson for the Marines, said that the trash cleanup was enforced to prevent flight delays or disruptions at the airport – The unbelievably weak excuse holds no credibility, especially when considering how Biden repeatedly folded to the Taliban demands throughout the entire process. 

Coppola also gave no reasoning as to why the graffiti messages were removed. I guess it’s hard to come up with one for something that’s so inexcusable, even for the sophists in the Biden Regime.

The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan could already be the worst foreign policy debacle in US history; and as more information comes out, it just keeps getting worse. Former and active duty US military members are some of the most furious over Biden’s pathetic leadership, and thankfully more of them are beginning to speak out.

The American people and our service members demand answers for the disastrous situation that unfolded in Afghanistan; Biden and many others need to be held accountable.

But in a true dictatorship, you can’t question the regime. Just ask Lt. Col. Scheller, who is being held in jail indefinitely for questioning Biden – This is true Tyranny.

Lt. Col. Scheller Incarcerated and Sent to the Brig for Speaking Out against Weak US Generals for Surrendering Afghanistan, Stranding Americans and Arming Taliban Terrorists



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