This is Serious and Likely Treasonous? Milley Acted Outside of the Chain of Command When Holding Back Channel Discussions with China and Pelosi Colluded with Him

This is very serious.  This is very likely treason.

According to reports from earlier today, General Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Staff, had at least two phone calls with his counterpart in the PLA  (China’s People’s Liberation Army) assuring him that Milley would give advance warning of any US attack.

REPORT: Milley Told China in Secret Phone Call He Would Give the CCP Advance Warning if US Was Ever Going to Attack

One of the calls with China was relayed to Speaker Nancy Pelosi which likely makes her an accomplice in a treasonous act.  What right did Pelosi or General Milley have in communicating with China or any foreign government on behalf of the President of the United States?  How was Milley able to give his assurances without usurping the duties of his President Donald Trump?

These were acts of treason.  Milley was not the President nor did he obtain permission from the President.  Pelosi is not President either.  Yet, Milley had the audacity to bad mouth the President and call him names.

FIRE HIM NOW! Rogue General Mark Milley Threatens President: “We Do Not Take an Oath to King or Queen, a Tyrant or Dictator”

Milley wasn’t even included in the list of succession in the military.

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Milley had no right to go behind the President of the United States with China.  This was arguably a treasonous act, as was Pelosi’s involvement as well.


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