Investigation: Majority Of NYC Restaurants Not Enforcing Vax Mandate — Backlash Against Tyrannical Mandate Grows

An investigation of 15 restaurants in Manhattan found 11 are not enforcing New York City’s vaccine mandate.

Only 4 of the 15 asked for proof of vaccination to those eating at the restaurant.

New York Post reported:

Most of the 15 Manhattan restaurants visited by undercover sleuths this week were not enforcing Mayor Bill de Blasio’s city-wide COVID-19 vaccine mandate for people dining inside, according to a new investigation.

Only four of the 15 restaurants asked reporters for ID along with proof of vaccination before seating them inside, according to a segment from Inside Edition.

The city’s vaccine mandate, dubbed the “Key to NYC,” went into effect last month, requiring New Yorkers who want to dine inside restaurants, work out at a gym or attend an indoor concert to show proof they’ve gotten at least one of their shots.

After a roughly one-month grace period, enforcement of the order on businesses went into effect on Sept. 13.

According to City Hall, they have done 5,500 total inspections and issued about 2,200 warnings.

Back on August 28th, New Yorkers took to the streets to let their feelings about the vaccine mandate known.

The Gateway Pundit reproted:

“New York Unions for Choice” hosted a large rally protesting Biden, former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Medical Mandates at City Hall in Manhattan on Wednesday.

The New York City Department of Education has mandated the vaccine for all teachers,” said event organizer Michael Kane. “Our union, the United Federation of Teachers, have not come to our aid and rolled over. That is why I am announcing today that I am leaving my union.”

The protest, described to be the largest protest of rank-and-file union members in NYC History, had thousands of attendees- from teachers, firefighters, nurses, healthcare workers, EMTs, EMS, police, detectives, sanitation, postal workers and federal workers who reject what they perceive to be a looming Covid-19 vaccine mandate now threatening their unions and freedom of choice.

Another protest is scheduled for Saturday, September 18th.

Tens of thousands are expected to attend.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Tens of thousands will protest against vaccine passports in New York’s Times Square on Saturday and rallying is just the first step we are taking towards ending the tyranny, Eric Grassi, an organizer of New York’s Freedom Rally told the Gateway Pundit.

“We are banding together to stop this,” he said. “This movement is growing rapidly because the fire departments, the teachers’ unions, our troops, the hospital workers – none of these people want this injection. They know what’s in it. It’s causing tremendous death and devastation across the world. The injection of children is an absolute criminal act – a capital crime. Plus, the vaccination programs are driving new forms are driving and developing new forms of the disease.

“We must stop and end all vaccine mandates. They are overthrowing medical ethics, which allows the individual to decide if they want medical treatment. This is an absolute violation of our fundamental rights. The coronavirus is biological and psychological warfare on humanity – that was obvious from the beginning. Rallying is just the first step towards ending this tyranny. There was no pandemic.”

“There are worldwide demonstrations going on. Our goal is to evict the perpetrators of this crime from their political offices,” Rassi said. “These arrogant people – De Blasio, Fauci, Biden – then need to be stopped. It’s apparent – criminal politicians conspired a world coup d’etat at pandemic planning conferences. They have planned this entire operation down to the fine, exact details of what they rolled out. This is a world takeover. It’s a world coup d’etat.

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