VoterGA Founder Favorito Agrees that Ballots Missing Chain of Custody Documentation Are Invalid and Should Not Have Been Certified

In Georgia on Monday, Garland Favorito was in court ready to obtain ballots from the state to validate his group VoterGA’s concerns with the 2020 Election.  Instead, the judge punted the case down the road for another 20 days before he will make a decision.

LIVE NOW: Fulton County Georgia Ballot Inspection Hearing – Monday at 9 AM – Video Link Below — UPDATE: JUDGE AMERO GIVES COUNTY 20 DAYS TO PROVIDE MORE INFORMATION

Chain of custody was one area of concern that Garland Favorito and others are concerned with.  We also believe this is a major area of concern country-wide from the 2020 Election.  Ballots appeared from everywhere and were included in the certified election results.

But tens of thousands of these same ballots were missing the legally required chain of custody results.

EXCLUSIVE: Garland Favorito Says Georgia Officials Including Raffensperger Concealed Ballot Tampering from Judge – “We Are Discussing What to Do With It” (AUDIO)

This article above was raised in a discussion with VoterGA founder Garland Favorito after Monday’s ruling and the participants in the discussion all agreed this issue is relevant.  Here is a portion of the discussion found at CannCon.

We need to demand all ballots in the 2020 election are valid and include the proper chain of custody documentation.  If not, they should be excluded from the results of the election and never should have been certified.

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