Fed-Up Aussies Rally Against Their Totalitarian Masters

What is happening in Australia is truly shocking. The leftist rulers in Melbourne and Sydney are behaving as a 21st Century gestapo. They are attacking unarmed protestors and trying desperately to quash a free press. The Communist Chinese are taking notes and will use these tactics against any Chinese that dare to protest their authoritarian rule.  It is brutal, mindless and ruthless.

Check out this encounter with Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini in Melbourne:

But some right-thinking Aussies are having none of it and are pushing back. Thousands are taking to the streets despite strong-arm measures to prevent the citizens of Australia from assembling peacefully.

There are some aspiring tyrants in the United States who yearn to do here what the uniformed thugs are doing in Australia. I am thinking of the crazy policies of NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, NY Governor Kathy Hochul and California Governor Gavin Newsom. The biggest difference between us and those folks down under? We still have guns and ammo.

The tyrannical, authoritarian behavior of the Australian Government is a stain on what was once an honorable country. Some parts of America have started down this despicable path. Fight the fear people. Fight the fear.



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