EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Aussie Firebrands Sue the Tyrannical Australia Government on Behalf of the Australian People – You Can Help

By Luke D. Thorburn

STONE THE CROWS! AUSSIES are standing up to the tyrannical Australian government. 

Byline: A first of its kind, but on-trend and scalable, conservative-crowdfunded lawsuit against viciously infective western government tyranny, and a model for aggrieved citizens from Paris, France to Toronto, Canada, to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sydney, Australia Supreme Court Case Number: 2021/00252587

Introduction: “We’re going to be coming at you, anti-vaxxers, lock, stock and barrel…you anti-vaxxers are really going to feel the heat.”  Surprisingly, not the words of an aggrieved Iranian Ayatollah or a callous CCP puppet colonel, but the words of a prominent, sitting Australian Senator, Jacqui Lambie. Bundle in a troika of power-drunk Socialist ‘Premiers’ (US Governor-equivalent) and vast swathes of the Australian government, possibly CCP and otherwise compromised, have gone stark-raving-mad, a true embodiment of our Aussie brethren’s favorite phrase “we’re not here to f*ck spiders.”

Call To Action: In the words of the great strategist and Aussiephile, Steven K. Bannon, “Courage is Contagious” and “Use Your Human Agency…Action! Action! Action!” Help thousands of patriotic Australians give the loathsome Australian Government ‘THE BOOT!’

Background: A draconian, CCP-style government crackdown has stunned the free world and brought the common men and women of Australia to their knees, with many innocent Aussies not permitted to work, travel or run their businesses unless they submit, submit and submit to the “experimental vaccine” (NIH’s own words). But you can’t keep the good down – holed up in their residences, often for months on end, swashbuckling Aussie citizens have decided to take the game to the enemy, legally speaking, announcing a ‘Global Citizens’ Lawsuit’ against an oppressive and harshly authoritarian Australian government.

Help put the dastardly Australian government in a much-deserved headlock, an effective Citizens-Arrest-Of-Government, lawfare-style, by donating to the Australian peoples’ plight at GoFundMe or GiveSendGo and support your Australian brothers and sisters with small-dollar donations. Transparently speaking, all funds raised go directly to Nathan Buckley, Managing Partner of G&B Lawyers, New South Wales (Australia) Solicitor Number 48846, to be used for the sole purpose of financing this landmark suit against hyper government overreach – we hope, from a global legal precedent standpoint, that it is our modern ‘Shot Heard Round The World.’

Quote: “I have received multiple strained if not tearful phone calls from friends and family of late. Including from hardened men – Aussie farmers, surfers, rugby players, otherwise successful alpha businessmen, etc. – broken by the incessant lashings from certain over-eager Labor (Australia’s Socialist, Democrat Party equivalent) officials and their unelected health bureaucrat officials. They or their partners are typically being coerced by the state or their employers into what should be a personal and private medical decision. My late and great grandfather, rural businessman and accomplished pugilist, Vic Calcino, taught all his grandkids that the strong help the weak, and that we throw down on bullies. And that is exactly what we are doing here. We will not stop until the Australian people win their freedoms back and the Left’s maniacal, Stalinist measures are lifted – and these freewheeling wannabe-Commie clowns – specifically, child sex assault suspect and CCP strange bedfellow and acolyte, Daniel ‘no cocktails outside’ Andrews, and corrupt Queensland tyrant-in-chief, Annastasia Palaszczuk, are punted from office, and Victoria state and Queensland state, the home of the Great Barrier Reef (which nobody can currently travel to!), is Made Great Again.” (Luke D. Thorburn)

“We are not anti-vaccine at all, but medical freedom and pro-choice has been completely stripped from the equation in Oz. In line with popular former Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman’s quote yesterday – vaccine mandates are dividing Australia, a medical apartheid. Does anyone remember HIV passports in the 1980’s or flu shot passports in recent years? Of course not! For some data-driven sanity checks – Covid-19 has killed a mere SEVEN (!) people in my home state of Queensland, population 5,000,000, and the state which will host the 2032 Summer Olympics, since the pandemic broke out 18 months ago. All told, Australia has had 1098 covid deaths from March 18, 2020, to September 13, 2021, of which circa 700 occurred in aged care facilities. On a population of c. 25,600,000, Australia has had 182 covid-linked deaths for 2021. And the average age of death from covid in Australia? 85 years old – higher than the average life expectancy in Oz of (83) years. Regretful, but a drop in the bucket compared to most other countries, and life must go on, summoning a bit of the ANZAC Spirit – we cannot hide under our beds forever. Crocodile Dundee would be rolling in his proverbial grave – or, more accurately, his Malibu mansion nowadays.” Luke D. Thorburn

Quote: “Through the so-called public health orders and directions, the State and Federal Governments of Australia are trying to control every aspect of our lives. It is now mandatory to submit to a COVID-19 injection to go to work or to leave your home. 6 courageous plaintiffs have said “enough is enough”. We will not sit back and take this any longer. We will fight to protect everyone’s right to medical freedom. To protect our rights not to be forced to have an experimental injection or medical procedure without our informed consent. Our goal is to have these draconian laws thrown out, and we will win.” Nathan Buckley, Esq.

Conclusion: So ‘Where The Bloody Hell Are You?’ It’s time to give a helping hand to our old mates – ‘MAKE AUSTRALIA GREAT AGAIN!’ Email: [email protected] and Phone: +61 411 067 367

Lest one think that the freedoms that are being eroded in Australia are limited to a small island country in the middle of the ocean, one should consider that, if those freedoms can be so easily taken away from a vibrant, boisterous, fun-loving, and courageous people, then the current experience of Australia may be a harbinger for the western world. It may well be the canary in the coal mine that should alert us to the near future for the entire freedom-loving West.

TGP will keep abreast of developments associated with Australia’s covid passport push and Nathan and Luke’s plight and will report back soon.

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