EXCLUSIVE: The Clintons, Bushs, and Obamas Back a Fundraising Shill in a 1-Room New York Apartment Welcoming Afghans in the US

Guest post by Bob Bishop

If the Clintons, Bushs and Obamas promote a non-profit what could go wrong?

‘Welcome.US’ is a fundraising shill for the U.S. resettlement of Afghan refugees.

The State Department’s September 14th press release announced it is partnering with Welcome.US charity.

The State Department is partnering with Welcome.US, a non-profit, non-partisan initiative of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), to galvanize additional private sector support and resources for arriving Afghans and harness the goodwill of the American people, building on our country’s cherished tradition of private philanthropy contributing to the public good.”

Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, and the First Ladies serve as Welcome.US honorary Co-Chairs. The Clintons endorsement doesn’t lend creditability given their history of charity scandals.

The Welcome Committee Council has an impressive list of 144 of America’s progressive luminaries, such as Gov. Jeb Bush, Secretary Jeh Johnson, and Laurene Powell Jobs. Virtual signaling using the public’s checkbook.

Welcome.US’s mission is to “support Afghan families as they build new lives in communities across America.” Their loose term of “communities” is a euphemism for building Islamic diasporas.

U.S. officials say they airlifted more than 123,000 people out of Kabul seeking U.S. asylum. Many fail to qualify for asylum since they did not work with U.S. forces or have Special Immigrant Visas.

Welcome.US states it supports all those seeking refuge. Most of the nameless evacuees are not vetted. The majority are males, many with multiple wives, and older males with child brides.  Afghani migrants are overrepresented in European crime statistics. Once implanted into America, they will be generational welfare recipients. The distraction on the southern border serves as a distraction.

Welcome.US is a Pseudo Charity

There is no evidence that Welcome.US is a legally organized and operating charity. The State Department press release disclosed that the Welcome.US is an initiative of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. In this role, the Foundation, as a donor advisor, collects public donations and distributes the funds. Donor advisor arrangements are highly susceptible to misuse and diversion, and they conceal the beneficiaries. The search of the Foundation website makes no mention of its affiliation with Welcome.US.

The New York State charity registration website indicates that the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors is delinquent on its 2019 charity registration. The 2020 charity registration also has not been filed.

Welcome.US website’s Donate Now button takes you to GoFundMe. GoFundMe, a for-profit organization, is routing crowdsource donations through its alter ego 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and distributing funds as directed by Welcome.US.

An anonymous individual or organization made the initial donation of $2 million.  Will GoFundMe and Rockefeller nonprofits provide financial disclosures to ensure the public contributions are not misappropriated?

Organization is Headquartered in Apartment

An email from Welcome.US lists the organization’s address as 77 W 24th St Apt 14F, New York, NY 10010-3222 USA.  Zillow, an online real estate listing service, indicates the address is a one-bed room apartment in the Vanguard Chelsea luxury apartment complex.

‘Smartest People in the Room’ Disorder

The elite backers of Welcome.US want us to believe they are the most brilliant people in the room. Projecting, they possess more intellectual, logical, and analytical abilities than everyone else. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Their blind endorsement of Welcome.US and serving as an accommodating host for unvetted refugees without exception is a case in point. This pseudo charity lacks transparency and accountability, which doesn’t inspire public confidence and trust. 

Bob Bishop is a Retired Corporate CPA

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