Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Calls Defense Secretary Austin ‘Truly Sick’ For His Comments At Recent Press Briefing

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) slammed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for calling the Afghanistan pullout, which has been widely viewed as a botched withdrawal by the Biden administration, as ‘Heroic’ and ‘Historic.’

Boebert tweeted this shortly after Austin’s press briefing:

“If Austin thinks what just happened in Afghanistan was “heroic” and “historic” then he is truly sick. That was an absolute disaster that should never have happened how it did! You can’t rewrite history by simply lying!”

This comes just a day after 90 retired military flag officers called for the resignation of both Austin, General Milley, and many others after a failure of accountability from top-ranked military officials.

It has become clear that the administration’s go-to move is to blatantly lie and spin this disaster as some kind of win for the Biden administration. Personally, it is unclear to me how anyone who has been watching this situation unfold at all over the last couple of weeks could possibly think that this was anything else other than a total disaster. However, Democrats for the most part just mindlessly regurgitate whatever they are told from their overlords.


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