BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Despite Tens of Thousands of Issues Already Identified in Arizona Audit, Likely Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots Have No Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation

On Friday the auditors in the Senate’s audit or Maricopa County’s 2020 Election results presented their results before the Arizona Senate.  Dr. Shiva’s work identified 17,000 ballots (envelopes) that were duplicated (much more than the 10,000 ballot election margin).  But there is much more in his report.

We noted on Friday after watching his presentation that Dr. Shiva identified numerous issues, including identifying over 17,000 duplicate ballots (envelopes) which is well over the margin of victory in the state.

We then on Saturday combined Dr. Shiva’s results with the other presenters to determine more than 70,000 ballots were duplicated or had issues and the IT team identified some real significant issues as well.

However, Dr. Shiva’s presentation was given before we could see his report.  But now Dr. Shiva’s audit report has been issued and per our review it includes some HUGE issues not previously highlighted by TGP.

Below is Dr. Shiva’s report.

AZ Audit Report Dr Shiva by Jim Hoft on Scribd

In the Abstract of Dr. Shiva’s report alone, there are some additional shocking points that we have not highlighted already. 

As presented already, over 17,000 envelopes were duplicates based on a forensic analysis of the signatures and other parameters on the ballot envelopes.  No duplicates were reported by Maricopa county.  We also provided this slide below listing other issues.

On p. 9 of Dr. Shiva’s report, he mentions that 91% of all the ballots counted in Maricopa County were Early Voting Ballots (EVB’s) – meaning they were mailed in.  Dr. Shiva audited the envelopes that the EVB ballots were mailed in.

In addition, there were 9,589 more unique EVB envelopes reported by the county than were not provided to the audit team.

The County only identified 587 bad signatures for only 0.031% of all EVBs received.  However, Dr. Shiva’s team was not commissioned to audit signatures and yet per his analysis of signatures in other tests, he located 2,580 signature issues.  This 5 times the county’s reporting and he wasn’t even auditing signatures.

Dr. Shiva digs into these signature issues further and notes:

We noticed the following items in Dr. Shiva’s report Abstract regarding signatures and chain of custody:

As noted already Dr. Shiva was not commissioned to look at signatures.  Chain of custody was also not part of his audit.  These are huge issues.  Why were they excluded from the audit?

We know currently in Georgia the state is missing chain of custody documents on 350,000 ballots making them invalid per the law.  We have no idea in Maricopa County how many of the 1.9 million EVB’s have chain of custody documentation.  We have no information that any of the EVB ballots have chain of custody documentation. 

When adding in the number of ballots missing chain of custody documentation in the County the number of invalid ballots likely increases into the 100,000’s much like Georgia.  

The Arizona-certified results should never, ever have been certified.

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