Talk Show Host Mindy Robinson at Lindell Symposium: This was a Multi-Faceted Attack – Nothing Else Matters Until We Fix It! (VIDEO)

With Americans voting by mail in record numbers to cast their vote in the 2020 election,  the opportunity for ballot fraud was inherently massive.

Thousands of Americans witnessed election malfeasance on November 3 —  vote counters ejected GOP poll watchers and lawyers from observing the processing of an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots; election workers obscured the vision of onlookers by holding up cardboard signs and boarding up the windows; the postmaster caught backdating ballots; Sharpiegate; millions of votes cast by the deceased or illegal immigrants; Dominion whistleblowers.

Even notorious Antifa activist John Sullivan contends the support for the fake president conspicuously pales in comparison to the organic, roaring support for Trump.

The Democrat media complex persistently attempts to propagandize and hypnotize the public to believe outrage over the stolen election is rooted in “conspiracy.” But truth cannot be silenced, actress and conservative talk show host Mindy Robinson told the Gateway Pundit during Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium.

“The feeling I get when I walk around in public and I talk to the non-political — they know something is wrong. They don’t know what because they’re not being shown. This [symposium] is a great backbone to understand what was really a very complicated steal. This isn’t just dead people voting when someone went to the cemetery. This was multi-leveled — software, multiple people cheating at the same time stepping on each other’s toes, it was sloppy.

We are at the point where we know our votes don’t matter. We know that,  and so, nothing we do matters from here on out until we fix that.”

Restoring election integrity will be a challenge when those who fraudulently “won” their elections are tasked to investigate themselves, the former congressional candidate who lost her bid for Nevada’s 3rd District, warns.

“How do we fix this when the ‘elected people’ are really elected and they don’t want to investigate themselves? Which is what we are trying to do in Nevada – we are asking people to investigate themselves for fraud.  For some reason, they don’t want to do that. It’s going to take a lot of pressure. I don’t think there is any issue more important than our stolen election right now. I’ve been working with a nonpartisan group. I am pushing for an audit using the constitution.”

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