Senator Jake Corman LIED: Said That Cris Dush Led PA Delegation To Arizona – Mastriano Led And Insisted Dush Attend

Doug Mastriano Leads The PA Delegation At The Arizona Audit

On Friday morning Senator Jake Corman released a statement lambasting Senator Mastriano and appointing Cris Dush to lead a fake audit.

He also fired Doug Mastriano’s staff in order to prevent a full forensic audit.

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This false attack was a desperate attempt to move the pressure off of him after he was busted for upholding the Pennsylvania audit.

Corman Issues Statement on Forensic Investigation of Recent Elections, Mastriano Obstruction
Posted on Aug 20, 2021

HARRISBURG – Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte) issued the following statement today regarding the review of recent elections and some of the issues that have prevented an election audit in Pennsylvania thus far:

It is deeply disappointing that Senator Mastriano has retreated from conducting a forensic investigation of the election in Pennsylvania, and it is discouraging to realize that he was only ever interested in politics and showmanship and not actually getting things done.

“Despite this setback, we remain committed to conducting a full investigatory audit of recent elections to improve our election system going forward. We need someone to lead this effort who is more interested in real results than grandstanding at rallies. For that reason, I am requesting that Senator Cris Dush – an Air Force veteran who has led numerous investigations in the military and headed the delegation in visiting the Arizona audit – take up this cause and initiate a thorough review of the election, starting with fighting back against the partisan attacks on our election system by the Wolf Administration.

“We remain committed to an open, honest review that will lead to positive changes to restore the public’s faith in our elections.”

OANN’s Christina Bobb exposed his lies on Twitter.

Senator Mastriano led the delegation touring the Arizona audit and if it weren’t for him, Dush wouldn’t have even been there.

Jake Corman is a liar and we cannot trust him or Cris Dush to conduct an audit.

Contact Corman:

Call: 717-787-1377

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @jakecorman

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