MI RESIDENTS FIGHT BACK: Estimated 1,000 Show Up For Protest After Unelected Officials Make Last Minute Decision To Mandate Masks For Kids [VIDEO]

Last night, we wrote about a decision by the Oakland County Health Department (Michigan’s second-largest county) to force approximately 210,000 children to wear masks when they return to school in one week.

Did parents have any input into the decision made by these unelected health officials? The answer is no. Did school superintendents have any input into the decision to mandate masks? The answer is no. Should unelected health officials have this kind of power for a virus with a .0673% fatality rate since it was first brought here from China over 18 months ago?

To put it into perspective, according to the CDC, 335 children between 0-17 have died of COVID. In that same 18-month time period, a total of 49,725 children ages 0-17 have died from all causes. But unfortunately, there is no mask that magically cures obesity or diabetes.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Last night, after the announcement, two separate groups, MI Save Our Kids Open Our Schools and Michigan Freedom Keepers, organized a last-minute protest for parents and citizens of Oakland County, MI, that began at 8 AM this morning in front of the Oakland County Health Department.


Here are a few photos from the rally, courtesy of Michigan’s most conservative State Rep. Matt Maddock (R), who is standing firmly behind the citizens of Michigan demanding the CHOICE to decide if they wear or don’t wear a mask or if they get or don’t get a COVID vaccine.

By 11:30 am, Michigan Freedom Keepers reported that 1,000 people are currently attending the Oakland County Health Department protest. C

We spoke with one of the organizers, Jessica Mathiak of MI Save Our Kids Open Our Schools, who explained that she is not anti-mask but instead is anti-government mandated masks. “We want parental choice, and we want children to be able to make the decision if they want to wear a mask or not,” she told us.  ‘I’m not here to tell anyone what to do,” Mathiak said. She told us that it’s been difficult to watch how divisive the topic of face coverings and vaccinations has become in her community. “Parents are saying kids can’t play with other kids if they aren’t wearing a mask,” Mathiak said. “People need to respect each other for whatever decisions they make for themselves or for their families. Parents should be able to make the decision themselves,” she said, adding, “It would be different if kids were dying. We have had zero deaths under the age of 20 yrs. in Oakland County.”

Mathias was not happy about the cowardly way the Oakland Health Department announced its decision. “They made the announcement that they would be mandating masks for our kids last night at the end of the day on Facebook!” she said, adding, “They did that so no one could contact them after their decision.” Unfortunately, it appears that the Oakland County Health Department who made this decision, underestimated the power of grassroots organizers like Jessica and others who pulled together a massive crowd of protesters in a little over 12 hours.

A mommy, a megaphone, held her 2-yr-old boy, as she told the crowd kids in daycare don’t need to wear masks! She explained that high school students are “scared” to remove the masks from their faces because they fear the repercussions, “They don’t want to miss any more school!” she told them. The toddler-toting mom demanded they all stand up for their kids against these mask mandates. “We are their union!” she told the crowd.

Here’s the video of the mommy’s powerful address to the crowd:

School superintendents in Oakland County praised the decision by the Oakland County Health Department to mandate masks because they say it takes the onus off them to make the unpopular decision to mandate masks.

Detroit News – Steve Matthews, superintendent of Novi Community Schools, which had recommended masks but did not require them, said he welcomes the decision by county health officials.

“It’s a very positive thing that Oakland County health stepped up and issued this,” Matthews said. “They were putting superintendents in a position to justify why they were or were not issuing a mandate in their district, and superintendents should not be put in that decision — it’s a health department issue.”

Matthews said while his community was divided on the issue with some families wanting a mandate and others wanting the freedom to choose, “Now it helps us move forward.”

A mother of a disabled student is glad kids are being forced to wear masks because her daughter can now feel comfortable going back to school.

Detroit News – Sarah May-Seward said she was immediately relieved to hear that the county emergency order means her daughter’s district, Huron Valley Schools, is now forced to institute a mask policy.

The order now means her 17-year-old daughter, Gabbi, who has disabilities and health challenges, can safely attend school. May-Seward had planned to keep Gabbi home this school year.

“I am extremely happy with this decision, and I’m thankful the Oakland County Health Division decided to put this in place,” May-Seward said.

We’re sorry for Sarah’s daughter, but should over 210,000 kids be forced to wear masks to school all day to make her feel comfortable?

Is it any wonder that parents are turning to homeschooling as the best option for their children? 


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