“JOE BIDEN SURRENDERED TO TALIBAN TERRORISTS” – Regent University Dean and Former US Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, on Biden’s “Inexplicable Surrender”

American patriot, former US Representative from Minnesota and current Dean at Regent University, Michele Bachmann, shared her thoughts on the collapse of Afghanistan with The Gateway Pundit. 

This video was created yesterday after the indefensible slaughter of US servicemen in Kabul.  Michele graciously shared this with us for publication. 

Dean Bachmann initially created the below video for the upcoming event she is planning at Regent University scheduled for September 9th, where she’s invited former US Attorney General John Ashcraft, former New York City Police Chief Bernie Kerik, and others, to discuss the fall of Afghanistan.

But with the events yesterday in Kabul, Dean Bachmann has given us permission to release it today.

Also attached is the promotional poster for her upcoming event, 9/11: A 20-Year Retrospective.

20-Year Retrospective Promotional Flyer (003) by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Dean Bachmann provides the following perspectives:

Islamic terrorists planned the September 11, 2001 attack from the caves of Afghanistan.  In October 2001, America bombed that nation and stayed for 20 years tehreafter to ensure no safe haven for terrorists would be reestablished in Afghanistan.

The US went from fighting the Taliban to giving this brutal enemy an $85 billion state of the art state of the art military curteosy of the United States’ taxpayer in the worst military withdrawl in memory.  After 20 years, thousands of American lives lost, and trillions of dollars spent, it is difficult for me to say these words, “Joe Biden surrendered to Taliban terrorists”.




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