A whistleblower is slated to reveal irrefutable evidence proving the 2020 presidential stolen at 7 pm cst at Mike Lindell’s  Cyber Symposium.

Lindell anticipates the evidence revealing the severity of the election fraud that transpired in November will shock the public to the extent Democrat and Republican voters will unify to fight back against a Chinese-arbitrated communist takeover of the United States.

“You have to tell everyone around the world and people watching it is so big, even Fox will want to tune in,” Lindell said. “Everyone should be heard.”

Here is the livestream video:

RSBN also has the livefeed video… It is running a few minutes late.

This should be headlines all around the world.

Code Monkey Z reportedly has access to Dominion’s source code, the secret instructions within the software which tells the machines exactly what to do. The software source code design of their systems is kept as trade secret and difficult to study or investigate.

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