Fox News Receives Envelope of White Powder, Prompts Evacuation

The Fox News headquarters in New York City received an envelope of white powder on Friday, prompting the entire floor to be evacuated.

The powder was “determined to be non-hazardous,” but caused a massive disruption in the building.

In a memo to employees obtained by Mediaite, a Fox News Media spokesperson said, “An envelope containing a white powdery substance was opened at FOX News Media today. We immediately notified the NYPD’s Hazmat unit and the FDNY, both of which responded accordingly and our offices were given an all clear after it was determined that the substance was non-hazardous. We are very grateful for their swift attention to this incident.”

“Please know that all protocols for a situation like this were followed and the matter is being further investigated by the appropriate authorities. The 21st floor, and thus the entire building, have now been given the all clear,” the statement continued.

Antifa activists had gathered outside the building on Wednesday to declare that the network is the “KKK.”

The demonstrators lit smoke bombs, burned flags, and whined about people inside the building who were laughing at them.

The scene was captured on camera by independent journalist Elad Eliahu.

“You’re full of lies, you’re all racists and Nazis you’re Zionists, you’re KKK, Proud Boys…” one protester declared.

The activist who lit the smoke bomb threatened the network, saying “stop [villanizing] us” or else there would be “real smoke.”


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