BREAKING: Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer All Call for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Resign

It’s not looking good for Democrat Andrew Cuomo.  Today top Democrats have called for him to resign.

Earlier today it was reported that Cuomo had harassed many women while he was governor, violating them and federal and state law.

Dem NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women, Violated Federal and State Law: AG Letitia James (VIDEO)

Pelosi has also asked for Cuomo to resign.

New York’s Senators also have called for Cuomo to resign.

There is plenty of evidence that Cuomo abused women while New York Governor.  The real question is why is the Democrat Party finally going after Cuomo now?  Did he overstep his place with Biden/Obama?

“He’s Asking this Female Reporter to Eat a Sausage” – Body Language Ghost Deciphers Governor Cuomo Asking Female Reporter to Eat a Sausage

Cuomo was very close with his assistant.  Cuomo was seen putting his hand on his assistant’s leg only a few weeks after she was married.

New York Governor Cuomo’s Top Female Aide, Melissa DeRosa, Finally Responds to Cuomo’s Sexual Abuse Allegations

Cuomo should be investigated for murder with the way he handled the China coronavirus last year as well.  His mandating that those with COVID be placed in elderly homes, led to the deaths of many.  He must have really upset Obama/Biden.

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