Abuse from Colonel Laura Dawson at Military Service Academy Over Vaccines Will End Now that Cadets Will Be Required to Take Vaccine

Perfectly healthy cadets have been abused by the service academies for not choosing to consent to the COVID vaccine.

Dozens of complaints have been rolling in regarding abusive leaders at service academies discriminating against cadets who choose not to get the emergency use, voluntary, COVID-19 vaccine. Parents have banded together to speak out against the abuse and segregation their children are being subjected to, all for standing firm against consenting to a poisonous shot.

These cadets are perfectly healthy. They undergo a rigorous medical screening process before they are accepted into the service academies. Even the slightest medical issue could get them dis-enrolled. So why is there so much pressure to get a vaccine, for a virus where cadets and others in the military have the highest chance of survival?

On the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) own website, the survival rates by age demographic is listed. Those in the 0-19 year old demographic have a 99.997% chance of surviving COVID-19. Those aged 20-49 years old (the majority of the military) have a 99.98% survival rate, and if the virus can be spread regardless of vaccination status, why the need to vaccinate healthy people? Why is there pressure from leaders to get a shot, without understanding the long-term effects? Is the intent to weaken our military?

One Commander at West Point, Colonel Laura Dawson, has been threatening and harassing cadets who stand strong against getting the vaccine. She has frequently told cadets the shot would be mandatory in a matter of weeks and to just “vaccinate or separate,” she has blatantly told a cadet there would be no religious exemptions at all (which she has no authority on). She has called cadets “selfish” and not “team players,” and sadistically shares her joy about the vaccine mandate in the face of cadets who are clearly suffering in not wanting it. In her comments like “good news guys, the vaccine is going to be mandatory soon!” it’s as if she has no social awareness for the cadets she is talking to, or worse, she does not care. She frequently mocks the cadets having even called them a “cult.”

One parent expressed that her son said when five cadets decided to get the shot, they were all told by their leadership to cheer and call them heroes. In another shocking incident, Colonel Dawson gathered all the new cadets that received the vaccine during basic training and had a ceremonial mask-burn to celebrate and commend them for getting vaccinated. In an ironic twist, they were all forced to get new masks, since West Point still has a one hundred percent mask policy.

Cadets are being told that the shot mandate is a done deal and to get it now due to shot shortages. They’ve been fed this lie for the past four months. Due to this pressure and the lies, many cadets and veterans are giving in and getting the shot. One parent stated that her cadet was singled out in class by her professor and asked “why haven’t you gotten the vaccine yet?” she replied “Sir, I don’t think you have the authority to ask me that.” An Air Force alumni recently stated “I feel horrible that I actually helped current cadets get appointments. It is personally embarrassing to speak with their parents about their cadets being subjected to this.”

Parents at West point were recently sent an email about Ring Weekend, a momentous milestone in a Senior cadet’s life, with rules for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated parents and guests are not allowed to partake in the indoor banquet.


Additionally, athletes at both West Point and the Air Force Academy have been declared “inactive” from their corps squad teams. Despite the NCAA having guidelines for unvaccinated athletes to compete, both Academies have been illegally discriminating against these athletes and not allowing them to even practice with their teams. One cadet has been experiencing heart issues since the vaccine and has been put on profile since their vaccination. Their doctor has even attributed this athlete’s heart issues to the vaccine, and this athlete now cannot run or participate in athletics. Conversely, the healthy cadets are being denied from participating in these sports simply because of their vaccination status. Why are cadets who refuse the vaccine being bullied into getting it and forced off their sports teams?

Those who have remained unvaccinated are also subjected to twice a week rapid antigen testing, despite the ongoing news that the ethylene oxide used to sterilize the tests are increasing people’s risk of cancer. Officer leaders at both academies have refused to accept this science. This will quickly become a national security and readiness issue. Anyone who is unaware of what is happening at the Service Academies needs to be made aware. If you are concerned, please flood the Service Academies with calls of outrage. Call your representatives and let them know what is happening. We must fight for those who fight for us!

(The Colonel’s abuse will not likely end but her wish is now approved.  Today the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine and the Pentagon mandated the shot for all military personnel.)

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