SHOCKER: Press Secretary Jen Psaki Gives a Totally Fictional Response to Funding the Police

You can’t make this up.  But then again if you steal an entire election, what’s a lie here or there?

Biden’s Press Secretary known for bending the truth.  However, Psaki set a record in her recent presser for making the most lies in one sentence.

Listen to this via Jack Posobiec:

Psaki said:

The president ran on and won the most votes of any candidate in history on the platform of boosting funding for law enforcement, after Republicans spent decades trying to cut the cops program.”

But this isn’t even close to the truth.  Here is a list of the lies in this sentence:

  1. Many would not consider Joe Biden ‘President’ because of the massive fraud in the 2020 Election that is known, not even counting what is not yet known.  The 2020 Election was a coup by a cabal of very bad people including Biden and Psaki who continue to insult Americans by playing their roles in this fraudulent Administration.
  2. Biden DID NOT run on the platform of ‘Funding the Police’.  The Democrats and their radical wing which wanted to take over the country, BLM and Antifa, and all their supporters were behind ‘Defunding the Police’.  It’s offensive for Psaki to claim Biden was behind funding the police when he never had the courage to say that in an effort to comfort BLM and Antifa.
  3. Joe Biden did not win the most ‘valid’ votes in history.  There is no way Biden ‘won’ 81 million votes and if the country was audited in its entirety most Americans would not be surprised if Biden won less than 60 million votes.  Arizona’s results in one county will soon show the real tally based on valid votes.
  4. Republicans spent decades trying to defund the police – there is no evidence for this.  Psaki claims they have more funding than Trump ignoring the fact that police are part of local budgets, not the federal government’s budget.  But Democrats would like this under another federal program so they could put in police officers like the Stasi in communist Germany.

The whole world must think the US is a bad joke with these jokesters in charge.

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