Rep. Cori Bush Being Credibly Accused of Forging ‘Racist’ Threats That Were Allegedly Sent to Her Office

Rep. Cori Bush went viral earlier this week for posting “racist threats” that were allegedly sent to her office.

However, there are some bizarre oddities with the screenshots she posted and she is now being credibly accused of forging the hate.

Perhaps the biggest red flag, noticed by Daily Wire journalist Amanda Presto, is that one of the threats Rep. Bush posted was an unsubmitted request form.

Red State notes, “Anyone that has ever filled out an online form knows what those red asterisks are. They are there to tell you what must be filled out in order to submit the form. Did Bush or a staffer take a screenshot of an unsubmitted form after filling in some of the blanks? In order to know that for sure, we’d have to know exactly what platform she’s using, but it’s sketchy.”

Additionally, the other emails appeared to have been written by the same person, as they use arbitrary caps lock on similar points and a similar cadence throughout the messages.

Of course, these could just be coincidences — but it has certainly raised some eyebrows.



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