Protests in Iran Spread to Tehran as Biden Admin Negotiates with the Killers

Braving gunfire and arrest, demonstrators have taken to the streets  again in Iran’s southwest Khuzestan province, protesting against drought caused by the Teheran regime’s diversion of the region’s two main rivers. Meanwhile, the Biden government continues to negotiate with the Tehran regime in Vienna over lifting sanctions against the terrorist state, while Tehran plots to kidnap an opposition journalist in New York.

Dur Untash Studies Center reports:

Graphic videos uploaded to social media by demonstrators show protesters’ blood-covered bodies lying in the streets, with scenes of chaos as regime forces open fire indiscriminately in their effort to crush the protests over severe water shortages caused by the regime’s damming and diversion of the region’s rivers to other areas of Iran, which have led to catastrophic drought as the scorching summer heat rises to over 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ahwazi rights groups earlier confirmed the deaths of two protesters killed by regime forces on Saturday, along with the injury and arrest of dozens more. The demonstrations have been growing across the region since protesters gathered in front of the Ahwaz governor’s office on 10 July 2021 to protest against the transfer of Ahwazi water to Persian cities, draining Ahwaz’ rivers and depriving citizens of drinking water and water for irrigation and livestock, with the communities located on the Karoon and Karkheh rivers devastated by the chronic manmade water shortages, which have also led to the agonising deaths of hundreds of the wild buffalo native to the region left without water.  

The protests which began in the regional capital on 10 July quickly spread to cities, towns and villages across the Ahwaz region whose long-suffering people are doubly oppressed by Iran’s totalitarian regime, not only being subjected to the ‘standard’ persecution for demanding freedom, but also being brutalised and persecuted for their Arab ethnicity and subjugated under an effective apartheid system, denied fundamental rights including the right to wear their traditional Arab garb or be educated in their native Arabic language, and now being denied even the water from their own rivers.  

By Wednesday, protests had also spread to the cities of Abadan, Muhammarah, Hamidiyeh, Ma’shour, Khafajiyeh, Susa, Toster, Shawoor, Falahiyeh, Bostan, Howeyzeh, and Mola Thani, as well as Ahwaz city, all of which have witnessed large-scale protests, where protests continue to this day.

The Iranian regime has reacted with its customary murderous brutality, with its security forces savagely attacking protesters and using direct live gunfire in their efforts to crush the demonstrations. On 16 July, 28-year-old Mustafa Naimawi Asakerah from Abbasabad neighbourhood in Falahiayeh died instantly when he was hit in the chest with two bullets fired by a regime thug. On the same day, 21-year-old Qassem Khezri (Nasiri) from Kontex in Ahwazi city’s Kot Abdullah district was fatally wounded by indiscriminate gunfire by the security forces as he was returning from work. He died of his injuries the next day in Golestan hospital. 

Ahwazi human rights activists have reported that more than 20 people have been injured in the gunfire, some critically, including 20-year-old Mahdi Jamal from Andisheh neighbourhood in Tester, who was shot by security forces on 16 July, and remains in a critical condition in hospital. Another critically injured victim, Hashem Asakerah from Falahiyah, is also still in a critical condition, along with a child named as Muntazer Rabihat, who was shot in the head and suffocated with tear gas. Reports also indicate that about ten civilians were wounded in Shawoor, although the victims’ identities have not yet been provided. 

The protests have now spread to the capital of Tehran, Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad reports from New York City:

Last week, Alinejad revealed the FBI had uncovered a regime plot to  lure her to a third country and kidnap her.

The U.S Justice Department said on July 13 that an Iranian intelligence officer and three alleged members of an Iranian intelligence network have been charged with conspiring to lure a New York-based journalist to a third country and forcibly return her to Iran, Radio Liberty reported:

“Alinejad, who left Iran in 2009 and has been living in the United States since 2014, confirmed she is the journalist in the indictment, saying on Twitter that she’s grateful to the FBI for foiling the plot.”

Sources in Iran are reporting that other cities are joining in the protests. Opposition spokesmen expect the internet will be affected in the next two days.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to negotiate with the terrorist regime in Vienna, Austria over a lifting of sanctions and a return to the nuclear deal which supplied Iran with $100 billion in 2016, including $1.7 billion in cash, with which Tehran proceeded to wage war across the Middle East, from Gaza, Yemen and Lebanon to Afghanistan.

As the Biden State Department makes nice with the Iranian delegates, two dozen US embassy employees in Vienna have fallen ill with the mysterious Havanna Syndrome. “The exact cause of the ailments in Vienna, which U.S. government agencies formally refer to as “anomalous health incidents” or “unexplained health incidents,” remains unknown, but in response to the surge the C.I.A., the State Department, and other agencies are redoubling their efforts to determine the cause, and to identify the culprit or culprits”, The New Yorker reports.

Iranian-American human rights activist Saghar Kasraie told the Gateway Pundit: “The Biden administration is on the wrong side of history, they cannot win over the hearts and minds of the Iranian people while they are being slaughtered for wanting freedom and democracy. How can the Biden Administration negotiate with a regime that is no longer legitimate to its own citizens? We, the Iranian people, ask the leaders of the free world to stop recognizing this criminal regime and support the will of the Iranian people.”


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