Never-Trump Journalist from 2016 Is Still Bashing President Trump in 2021 – He Reports Trump’s Lawsuit Is “Stupid”

Some things never change.  The journalists who called themselves conservatives and wrote negative articles about President Trump in 2016 are still doing the same in 2021.

In August of 2016, we reported that President Trump was likely to beat Hillary Clinton in November based on rallies and social media interaction alone.

Social Media Patterns Show Trump Is Looking at a Landslide Victory

Breitbart News reposted our article.  In it, we reported that  Trump will win the 2016 election over Hillary because Hillary had a hard time filling a Union Hall while Trump regularly turned people away from his stadium and arena venues and because per our Analysis from social media Trump was crushing her there as well.

Breitbart reposted our article, but Never-Trump publication RedState posted a nasty attack on TGP and Breitbart News. 

Pro-Hillary Website Attacks Breitbart and Gateway Pundit for Supporting Trump …But Look What We Found

We did a little search on Google after Redstate attacked TGP and Breitbart and found… Back in January [2016] RedState writers predicted that Donald Trump would get crushed in the GOP primaries.

One of those reporters was Caleb Howe.  This genius reported that then-candidate Trump wouldn’t win a primary.

It looks like Caleb Howe hasn’t learned a thing.  Today President Trump announced that he was suing Big Tech for their criminal actions against conservatives. 

Howe was one of the first to claim the case had no merits.  He writes:

On Wednesday, ex-president Donald Trump held a press conference to describe his new class-action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter over “illegal, shameful censorship of the American people.”

As the details of the suit spread on Twitter, so did the reactions. They were, you could say, less than flattering. The most essential point upon which criticisms rest are the same that anyone in politics has seen wielded in dozens of Twitter arguments: that censorship must come from the government. In other words, that it’s not a First Amendment issue if it’s not a government actor.

There are, of course, many other considerations in evaluating the suit’s merits.

Naturally, the punditry and #Resist crowds had the snarkiest and strongest reactions, but limiting the reaction pool to just experts yields nearly the same general tone: mockery and disdain.

The first ‘expert‘ Howe lists is George Conway, Kelly Ann Conway’s abusive husband who ridiculed his wife’s boss daily on social media over the past five years.  Conway shared the following about President Trump’s case against Big Tech:

Howe shows he is still biased by using Never Trumper Conway as the first ‘expert’ on the case.

Once a Never Trumper always a Never Trumper. 

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