Lin Wood’s Whistleblower Is Telling Different Stories About His Past

Lin Wood’s whistleblower is a man who went by the name Ryan Dark White. He now declares his true name to be Jonathan Ambrose McGreevy. What we know for a fact is that he is a two-time convicted drug felon. But when asked to describe his experience/history, he offers up contradictory accounts. In April 2018, he told Attorney Ty Clevenger that he was in the Army, attended a Catholic seminary, was ordained a minister, and then worked as a private investigator.

By January 2021 White is telling a remarkably different tale. He claims to hold graduate degrees in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics and states that he attended University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University, University of Maryland and Green College at Oxford University. He does not provide any independent proof to corroborate these claims.

Next up is White’s interview with Stew Peters in June 2021. White insists his true name is Jonathan McGreevy and, according to Peters, that he worked on encryption for the U.S. intelligence community and then worked with the top secret National Reconnaissance Office. Peters posted the interview with White on June 23rd. He has now taken the video of the interview off line.

This video shows White’s conflicting accounts. You can judge for yourself.

Here are the links to critical documents on Ryan Dark White criminal convictions and his interview with Ty Clevenger and Lin Woods’ attorneys:

  1. The transcripts of the interviews conducted with Ryan Dark White in January 2021 on behalf of Mr. Lin Wood.
  2. The video of an interview with Ryan Dark White conducted by Mr. Ty Clevenger, Mr. Frank Whalen and Mr. Matt Couch on April 12, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland.
  3. Case 1:16-cr-00172-JKB, Ryan Dark White indicted on 22 April 2015 for one count of health care fraud signed by Rod J. Rosenstein.
  4. Case 1:15-mj-02094-JMC, Affidavit by E. Troy Yeager, Special Agent with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General, detailing RDW’s possession of Schedule II controlled substances (Oxycodone and Zohydro) with intent to distribute.
  5. Indictment of Ryan Dark White—October 2015 (Case 1:15-cr-00545-JKB Document 14 Filed 10/15/15).
  6. Case 1:16-cr-00172-JKB, Plea Agreement of Ryan Dark White—April 22, 2016



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