Help for US Patriots from Abroad: Conservatives Must Form World Alliance

Jair Bolsonaro meets Beatrix and Sven von Storch

The vice-chair of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Beatrix Von Storch met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Sunday in Brazil. The conservative leaders vowed to “network internationally to defend conservative Christian values worldwide,” von Storch said.

Both politicians count among the staunchest supporters of US President Donald Trump. Bolsonaro was one of the only world leaders to acknowledge the evidence of widespread fraud in the sham 2020 elections. Beatrix von Storch was one of the only political leaders in Europe to do so. Both Bolsonaro and Von Storch are known to be in close contact with Trump adviser Steve Bannon and MAGA patriots in the USA.

“I’d like to thank the Brazilian President for his warm reception. I’m impressed by his clear understanding of the problems in Europe and the political challenges of our time. Seeing how the Left is advancing its radical agenda via networks and NGOs, we Conservatives have to network internationally as well, to defend conservative Christian values worldwide,” von Storch said. “Along with the USA and Russia, Brazil is a major global strategic partner for us, with whom we will craft the future.”

A meeting between Von Storch and the President’s son Eduardo Bolsonaro Friday already caused a major meltdown among the Marxist opposition in Brazil and their allies in the media, as Gateway Pundit reported.


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