Eduardo Bolsonaro meets Beatrix Von Storch in Brazil: Marxists Freak, Call President’s Son “Nazi”

Conservatives are under attack from the US and Brazil to Hungary, Poland and India. That is why it is essential for patriots worldwide to create their own network of “civil society” NGOs and parties.

On Friday, July 23, Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, welcomed the vice-chair of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party Beatrix von Storch in Brasilía.

Eduardo Bolsonaro is federal delegate for the city of São Paolo and one of the key figures of the worldwide conservative renaissance. He represents Steve Bannon’s “The Movement” in South America and met President Donald Trump in the White House 2018.

The President’s son gushed on Twitter: “Excellent meeting with German representative @Beatrix_vStorch, who is also vice president of the Alternative for Germany party.  We share the ideals of defending the family, protecting our borders and saving our national culture.”

The meeting centered around defending the Christian values of the West. Naturally, the left immediately attacked the two Christian leaders. Brazilian Worker’s Party chair Gleisi Hoffmann attacked Von Storch as a “German Nazi”, accusing Von Storch and Bolsonaro of “xenophobia, hate speech and anti-democratic attitudes.”

Eduardo Bolsonaro fired back, stating that it was “a pleasure to be insulted by someone who received bribes from Odebrecht construction co. If the Worker’s Party hadn’t been so corrupt and closed so many hospital ICUs, we might have been in a better position to fight the pandemic.”


The Brazilian Worker’s Party has its roots in the Marxist guerilla on the 1970s and ruled Brazil from 2011 to 2016, when President Dilma Rousseff was voted out due to rampant corruption.

Brazilian Representative Bia Kicis defended the visit as well. Kicis is the granddaughter of Brazilian-Jewish war hero General Samuel Kicis, who fought the Nazis alongside the US Seventh Army in Italy and was highly decorated for his courage.

Kicis wrote that “as a Conservative Representative, I was pleased to meet German Representative Beatrix Von Storch on recommendation of friends, including in the Jewish community. Like myself, she is a defender of Judeo-Christian values, of the family, and  stands up for the sovereignty of her homeland.

Unfortunately, this meeting engendered malicious slander and Fake News, accusing her and me of neo-Nazism. This is absurd.

First, let me clarify that the AfD Party, contrary to some libelous claims, has nothing to do with Nazis. It is a legitimate and recognized party in Germany, with 90 seats in the Bundestag.  

Obviously, like any political group, it may have some members who are more provocative or extreme. But to be fair, one must also point out that Beatrix von Storch is a moderate, who has helped remove any extremists from the AfD. Her party supports and defends Israel.

As for me, I am vice president of the Brazil-Israel friendship group in the National Congress; in 2017, I was honored to serve as Special Ambassador for Peace in the Holy Land, which I have visited twice, once accompanying an official mission alongside President Bolsonaro, a great friend of Israel and the Jewish community.

I have always fought prejudice, intolerance, racism and for respect for others. I am a staunch supporter of Israel and its people. I am a Zionist and abhor both Nazism and any ideology that discriminates, oppresses and kills. I also abhor the unscrupulousness of those who so readily accuse Christians and courageous women, stirring up the hatred of the uninformed against us. Any such hate speech must be combated.”

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