Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) Is Being Sued for Secretly Permitting Internet Access on Election Machines

In a strange series of events, the Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) is being sued for updating its policy and allowing voting machines to include Internet access.  These policy changes were discussed in private with voting machine companies and silently passed by the EAC without required public debate.


We’ve reported on the EAC before.  Earlier this year we reported that the EAC approved the certification for two audit firms within four hours of TGP reporting that the firms were not certified.

How Can the Government Agency Certifying Elections (the EAC) Maintain Its Independence When Its CIO Previously Worked for 10 Years for Dominion Voting Systems?

We’ve asked what processes did the EAC go through to update these individuals’ credentials and re-certify them within 4 hours of our article being published noting that they weren’t certified.

Philip Stark

Philip Stark has a checkered past.  He resigned from Verified Voting which would suggest he is a good guy.

Philip Stark Chosen as Third and Final Member for Windham, NH Forensic Audit — a California Mathematician Who Made Headlines After Resigning from Verified Voting

Philip Stark is also a Board member of the EAC and was also in the news lately when he was selected to be one of three ‘auditors’ selected for the New Hampshire audit.  We reported the following on Stark.

It appears very likely that the course of this audit has been quietly steered by top Democratic leadership in the U.S. Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D), through the auditors themselves. Both Philip Stark, Ph.D. and Barbara Simons, Ph.D., the board chair of Verified Voting and also a member of George Soros’ elite Democracy Alliance Board, are current appointees to the corrupt and powerful U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

Stark was appointed by Speaker Pelosi in 2016 and Simons was appointed by former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D) in 2008 and was re-affirmed by then-Senate Minority now Majority Leader Schumer.

URGENT MESSAGE From American Patriots to People of Windham: Your Forensic Audit in Windham is being Secretly Sabotaged

Stark made an early exit in New Hampshire never to be seen again.  It’s not known how much time and effort he supplied to the audit and what he was paid for being an auditor in name only.  Nor is it known why he left.

BREAKING: One of Three Auditors Exits Windham, NH Election Audit – Law Requires a Team of Three Auditors

But now Stark is back in the news.  This time he is suing the EAC, where he is a Board member.  Stark and the organization, Free Speech for People, are suing the EAC for updating voting machine guidelines that allow them to have access to the Internet.

The complaint also shares that the EAC passed the new guidelines after holding secret meetings with the voting machine manufacturers.  Then the EAC passed updated guidelines which allow the voting machine companies to include Internet access in their machines.

Below is the entire case.

2021.07.13-complaint-4814-7096-7793-1 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

 The EAC does not seem like an agency full of integrity especially now after secretly updating the guidelines to allow voting machines to have Internet access.

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