Biden Goes Full Schizophrenic on Ever-Changing COVID Rules and Lies

I have referenced the bizarre fantasy of Alice In Wonderland in previous posts about Crazy Joe Biden and his precipitous fall into the depths of dementia, but today took the cake. We have entered a lunatic asylum not envisioned by Lewis Carroll. For starters, Joe Biden wants to re-impose a mask mandate on vaccinated Americans in order to protect them from Covid while flinging open the border with Mexico and allowing hundreds of thousands of Covid infected, non-vaccinated illegals to enter the United States and then be shipped to states other than Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Got it? Biden claims he’s scared to death of the spread of the Delta variant of Covid and wants to limit the freedom of American citizens who are vaccinated and, according to science, are protected against that virus while giving the greenlight to infected foreigners to flood states, especially states governed by Republicans. Joe Biden is attacking America in the name of what?

There is no humor in this act of depravity. It is deadly seriuos. It is one more reminder that Joe Biden does not care about the safety and security of the American people. He now is nothing more than a bumbling puppet being used to implement an agenda that is designed to destroy this Republic.

This does not even constitute the most egregious double standard celebrated by Biden and his henchmen. His criminal son, Hunter, has the green-light to consort with people working for the benefit of the Chinese. Hunter gets to sell his mediocre artwork for astronomical prices that is brokered by his “agent”, Georges Bergès, who proclaimed publicly that he wants to be ‘the lead guy in China‘ on finding and collecting Chinese art.

None of the Trump progeny attempted any business deal like this. If they had is there any one with a functioning brain who believes they would be allowed to do so without widespread condemnation? Hell no.

Then there is the double standard of our banana republic Justice Department. If you are a thug with Black Lives Matter or Antifa and you attack and injure a police officer, you get released on your own recognizance. No jail time. Just ask the police officer who protected Senator Rand Paul and his wife from a vicious BLM terrorist. The attacker was freed and is walking the streets. Meanwhile, Trump supporters who simply walked into the Capitol and did not attack anyone are still being held in jail. This is not justice. This is tyranny.

What I find totally unacceptable is the lack of action on the part of the Republicans to step up, speak out and then act. This is the time for Donald Trump and his supporters to come together and put together a team of lawyers that relentlessly challenge and litigate this evil. To her credit, Attorney Sidney Powell has joined the legal effort to release individuals who are presently in federal incarceration in relation to the January 6, 2021 protest at the U.S. Capitol. Others must follow suit.

The Christian Research Network is one organization speaking out:

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Seek out those people and groups who are prepared and willing to use all legal means to oppose this tyranny. The future of your children and grandchildren depend on what you do now.


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