Biden Says the CDC Will Likely Issue Guidance Saying Unvaccinated Kids Have to Wear Masks When Returning to School

Joe Biden CNN Townhall

Joe Biden has asserted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will likely issue guidance saying that children who have not been vaccinated should wear masks when returning to school.

Biden broke the news at the CNN town hall in Cincinnati on Wednesday evening.

“The CDC is going to say that what we should do is, everyone under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school,” Biden said.

“That’s probably what’s going to happen. Secondly, those over the age of 12 who are able to get vaccinated — if you’re vaccinated, you shouldn’t wear a mask, if you aren’t vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask,” he said.

Biden added that while this would be difficult to enforce, it will be a “community responsibility.”

“It’s a matter of community responsibility and I think you’re going to see it work through,” Biden said.

Biden’s comments came in response to a woman who said she is on a school board and concerned about children returning to school.

Children under the age of 12 are not currently eligible for the vaccine and there have been a number of frightening stories about younger children having severe negative side effects — including a 13-year-old who died in his sleep after being jabbed.

Biden said that he believes it will be approved for children under 12 “soon.”



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