Biden Admin’s Payroll Set To Be Most Expensive Ever

According to the White House payroll report, The Biden administration is set to have the most expensive payroll in history.

Estimated cost under Biden: Over $200 million

Cost under Trump: $164.3 million

Cost under Obama: $188.5 million(first term)

Just The News reported:

President Biden’s White House payroll is projected to be the most expensive in U.S. history.

A White House payroll report released Thursday shows the cost of Biden’s four-year term is projected to exceed $200 million, according to Forbes.

Adjusting for inflation, the previous Trump administration spent $164.3 over four years, while President Obama spent $188.5 million during his first term, 2009-2012.

The payroll report includes the names, status, salary, and position titles of all 567 White House employees. Biden also spent more on a larger staff for his first lady, Jill Biden, than his predecessors.

There are 320 female staffers in the administration and 240 male staffers.

22 aides make the maximum salary.

Here are a few of the salaries for members of the Biden administration.

Jen Psaki- $180K

Ron Klain- $180K

Susan Rice- $180K

Kate Bedingfield- $180K

Steve Richetti- $180K

As the American people suffer through rising inflation Biden’s handlers are cashing in!

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